Okayti celebrates the first plucking of the season with grandeur.

Okayti celebrates the first plucking
Okayti celebrates the first plucking

Okayti, Darjeeling, March 30, 2022 – Okayti Tea Estate, Mirik, Darjeeling celebrated the plucking of its first flush leaves like never before. Darjeeling First Flush is a much-awaited tea for every tea connoisseur and it is made with the leaves that the tea plant shoots after 3-4 months of hibernation. The tea is generally lighter than the other flushes and has a typical characteristic true only to the first
flush teas. Usually, the first flush leaves are withered longer and less oxidized than other flushes and are packed with polyphenols and catechins that not only flavor the tea with nuanced floral notes but also energize the body in a way no other beverage can. It is perhaps the most sought after tea in the world.

To commemorate the significant event of plucking the first flush leaves, Okayti organized a vivid one-day event where every aspect of the first flush Darjeeling tea was celebrated. For the first time in the history of Darjeeling, such an event was
organized where tea sommeliers and important figures of the Darjeeling tea industry were invited to witness as closely as possible the process of making ‘the champagne of teas’. “Okayti has always celebrated its people without which no tea is possible. This event is not only to celebrate the flush teas but it is also to celebrate the people who make it happen and who provide the world with the finest tea.” – Mr Rajeev Baid, CEO & MD of Okayti Tea Company commented.

The guests were allowed to take in the marvelous view of mountains in different shades of green and blue as far as the eyes could see. Mr Baid also took a moment to ceremoniously thank the tea plants which have been supporting thousands of people for more than a hundred years. “Over the years, the tea plant has proved to be something so very closely associated with the people of Darjeeling. It is a source of their identity and motivation. We should always be thankful for that.” – Mr Baid

(Mr Rajeev Baid addressing the audience)

A section of the estate with the finest Darjeeling tea cultivars was selected beforehand and as the event unfolded the best and experienced pluckers all adored in the traditional attire appeared with the quintessential bamboo baskets on their backs. First Flush leaves and buds are very small compared to other flushes making it harder for the pluckers. The pluckers hovered from one bush to another plucking the most succulent leaves of the season on the brightly lit day. The plucked leaves were offered to Mr Baid, the CEO which was later carefully taken to
the factory where they will be processed meticulously to be the most revered tea.

To acknowledge the hard work of the workers, Mr Baid also handed gifts and mementoes as a token of appreciation to those workers who have proven to be a great asset to the company. And he also appreciated the family members of the
workers who had achieved things erstwhile unthinkable of them.
Today also marked the 1st anniversary of Mr Rajeev Baid taking up Okayti Tea Estate. Within just a year, he has made many changes. Health staff were recruited and a new dispensary was built. Constructions of several weighing sheds are going
on across the tea garden to unburden the workers. Otherwise, the workers have to take the plucked leaves to the factory themselves. ‘Every requirement of the workers are taken care of by the new management and we hope best for the estate
as well as for the workers.’ – Mr Baid determinedly added from the dice and a cheering sound of claps and joy from the workers was followed afterwards.
As the connoisseurs globally await for the first flush teas, Okayti seems ready to enthral the taste buds yet again.


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