Gorkha are 100% Axomiya Bhumi Putra,” says Assam CM Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma


April 21, Garpal, Sonitpur: CM Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma Attended the 57th Sanmilan Divas of Assam Gorkha Sanmelan Divas.

Gorkha in Asaam receives all the facilities from the government and are part of the greater Axomiya community, they have no problem here might be in other parts of the country there might be a problem in Assam Gorkha’s enjoys all rights, States Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma during his Speech.

“Lord Hanuman had torn his chest and shown that Ram is Inside me, Similarly I can not tear my chest and show Gorkha’s are Axomiya”, CM HBS

CM Sarma also states, Our Government has turned Gorkha’s into Swadeshi which earlier Congress didn’t put much stress on these”.

Some of his declarations through the stage of Assam Gorkha Sanmelan:

1) Gorkha OBC certificate: OBC Certificate to be issued by Assam Gorkha Sanmilan, vide notification Govt of Assam order.

2.) Separate Portal for Gorkha Certificate, under Govt of Assam, vide notification Govt of Assam order.

3.) Gorkhas can purchase land and are a protected class in the Tribal belt & block in Assam

4.) If any case of FT against Gorkha’s now will be Withdrawn by Government Lawyers. No further Harassment will be assertive.

5.) Gorkha Development Council already received Rs. 25 Crore funds and will be entertained

6.) Gorkha Certificate will be an attachment of identity for all Gorkhas residing in Assam.


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