Tour de Arunachal- Supercar’s Favorite Spot

Supercar was seen moving in Arunachal Pradesh
Supercar was seen moving in Arunachal Pradesh

There are few occasions that rival the spine-tingling excitement of being at the Arunachal Road. But when experienced from the comfortable vantage point of a supercar all your senses are heightened.

Bagging a hilly road is notoriously difficult in the North East region, but today’s #TravelInNE Arunachal CM Pema Khandu is taking NE into the incredible state, from Arunachal itself to the most hotly anticipated event that shows supercar can be possible in NE.

“When you’re onboard the Supercar in the road of Damroh-Mariyang highway, you feel as though you’re in the heart of the race,” says one Ferrari Driver, who took his Supercar on Arunachal, last week.

The road was well designed, supercar completed 1000 Km in eastern Arunachal, we have also witness two-lane road in Arunachal this time, the driver was so excited to step aboard their first-ever supercar last week.

The famed nature with two-lane around Highway offering enviable views of nature. The best views are from Pasighat located as capital, which is now trending talks of the weeks.

“You can hear the roar of the engines. You can see the beauty of Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Audi, Honda, and Porsche here in Arunachal while driving in Highway. And the sense of adrenaline fills the air!”

Demand for a road quality berth during race week is vertiginous, and rightly so. It affords an uninterrupted line of sight from the tight hill corner, across the starting point, and through to the amazing views of Pashighat.

“Even for that road that isn’t straight like the outside world, the ambiance here is zero crowd road, unlike metropolitan. Those riding the Super Cars, enjoy the mesmerizing roads running alongside the breathtaking sceneries,” says CM Pema Khandu.

“And the revelry extends into the evening with parties on spot drivers’ galas and the Principality’s nightlife comes alive in a state called Arunachal.”

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