AIC – SMUTBI facilitated the Startup 20 Sabha- Townhall and Public Consultations


Gangtok, 27th May, 2023 – The Startup 20, in collaboration with AIC-SMUTBI (Atal Incubation Centre – Sikkim Manipal University Technology Business Incubator), orchestrated a ground breaking event, the “Townhall and Public Consultations,” today at a local hotel here in Gangtok. The occasion witnessed the enthusiastic participation of numerous startups from North East along with State Government officials from the Department of Commerce and Industriesand Sikkim Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (SEED Cell). The event was specifically designed to foster constructive discussions and gather crucial feedback on the Draft Policy Communiqué of Startup20, an essential component of the Indian Startup Ecosystem.

The townhall event served as a platform for startups, industry experts, and government representatives to engage in productive dialogue, exchange ideas, and collectively contribute to the growth and development of the startup landscape. It showcased the commitment of the Startup20 and AIC-SMUTBI in facilitating an inclusive and collaborative environment where startups can thrive and receive the necessary support to reach their full potential.

The gathering also witnessed the presence of startups from various sectors, including technology, education, health-tech, media-tech, among others. Their presence added immense value to the discussions, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and insights being shared.

The primary objective of the townhall was to solicit feedback, stimulate meaningful discussions, and encourage constructive comments on the draft Policy Communiqué of Startup20. The draft policy document is designed to provide a comprehensive framework on five major components: Foundation, Alliance, Finance, Inclusion and Sustainability. With the purpose ofsupporting and nurturing startups, empowering them to become key drivers of economic growth and innovation. By inviting input from the startup community and government officials, the townhall aims to ensure that the policy addresses the specific needs and challenges faced by startups, thereby fostering an enabling environment for their success.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, and networking opportunities to delve into the various aspects of the draft Policy Communique of Startup20 for discussion. It is also in continuation of the draft policy that was prepared by the Startup20 during the engagement group meeting of the five task Forces in five venues in Gangtok during March’23.

The participants in the event, expressed their enthusiasm about the discussions in the newly formed startup ecosystem and highlighted the significance of such collaborative efforts in strengthening the ecosystem.

The team of AIC-SMUTBI led by Dr Tej Chingtham, CEO, AIC-SMUTBI extended their gratitude to all the participants, startups, government officials, and industry experts for their active engagement and invaluable contributions to the event’s success.

About Startup20: Startup20 is an official engagement group, established under the G20 India Presidency 2023. It acts as a dialogue forum with the global startup ecosystem stakeholders and intends to represent the global startup ecosystem to raise the macroeconomic concerns and challenges faced by entrepreneurs with G20 leaders. Through strategic initiatives, policy advocacy, and collaboration with stakeholders, Startup20 strives to create a conducive ecosystem that empowers startups and nurtures innovation.

The overarching goal of Startup20 is to propose a policy framework that achieves two objectives simultaneously: (a) to harmonize global startup ecosystems to facilitate their working together and (b) to preserve the freedom of national startup ecosystems to grow as they desire. To achieve its objectives, the Startup20 Engagement Group organized itself into five Taskforces considered critical to creating a thriving global start-up ecosystem: Foundation, Alliances, Finance, Inclusion and Sustainability.

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