Gangtok Municipal Corporation teams raid illegal shops

GMC Gangtok Lal Bazar
GMC Gangtok Lal Bazar

The special teams set up by Gangtok Municipal Corporation Mayor Neel Chettri, conducted raids on unauthorized & illegal vegetables and other shops at Lal Bazar Gangtok East Sikkim.

Since they were asked to leave space immediately as they served notice two months ago to the unauthorized vegetable & shop owners by GMC. The sale of vegetables & Meat without the legal license of GMC was strictly prohibited in the city as said by the Mayor of Gangtok.

“It’s surprising to see there are people who are running a shop without a license, we have asked them to vacate it immediately,” He said.

GMC Deputy Mayor Tshering Palden also asked legal shop owners should maintain proper hygiene on their premises.

Speaking to the media persons, the Mayor said that a number of illegal vendors are functioning across the city of Gangtok. These illegal vendors in the city who run their business on the footpaths of lal Bazar cause a lot of inconvenience to the consumer. The Gangtok municipality has strictly instructed to dismantle all illegal shop and vacate it immediately. As per the direction of the GMC we have seized the items and the illegal shop. The raid is not only in the lal Bazar limits but will also continue in the municipality area in the coming days, he said.

Speaking with the media, Gangtok Municipality Deputy Mayor Tshering Palden said “I’m extremely very happy now, our local farmers are growing and selling their products all by themselves at lal Bazar, we will work transparency in this issue”

Neel Chettri, Mayor of Gangtok said, he has issued a warning to those who use multiple licenses to run their business. He further said from now on there will be one family one shop trade license.


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