Indian Independence struggle and the role of women. Aims to provide equal opportunity to women in TST.

Independence day
Independence day

This Independence Day, we are going through a massive change in our approaches and
organizational structure.
• TST believes in women empowerment and henceforth it will be led by Women.
• Under the same empowerment strategy, TST will have 75% women employees

Mumbai, India — August 15, 2021 —The Sikkim Today, is a well-known news channel in the Sikkim region. It announced the massive change in our approaches and organizational structure which went/goes live on August 15th. The changes will give the same opportunity to women as men whether in the work field or society. The Sikkim today will also cover national news 24/7 just like we were doing for Sikkim. TST after requests from our viewers, will cover news in Hindi as well. The Hindi division headed by Hari Darshan.

The Independence Day Celebration:

The program started with a video where people expressed their feelings and thoughts about independence day. It began with a Welcome Note by Ms. Aadhya and then Ms. Arshey spoke about the journey of TST and progress till now. Team Introduction was done by Soumya, Patriotic song was sung by Tshering Lhamu Lepcha of Gangtok, Sikkim. Amongst the esteemed guests we had Mr. Man Bhadur Chettri , Chairman for Commerce and Industries Department government of Sikkim. Mr Man Bhadur Chettri is also Vyasnanda guruji of Heavenly Path, Lovism and Shoubhik Roy Chowdhury, Digital Media Manager, Assam Tribune Then we had National Anthem and at last Vote of thanks by Suhani.

About ”The Sikkim Today”

‘The Sikkim Today’ was founded by Jeewan Dahal and Ajay Aggarwal in 2019 before the country went for poling for the Lok Sabha Elections. The online news portal which had initially covered issues related to the state of Sikkim has now expanded to the national level.

Under our ‘All the news you need to know’ initiative, we cover topics of a wide variety
ranging from Politics to Entertainment, National to International, Campus News, and Sports to Technology. TST is having a strong online presence with over 190k followers on Facebook.

Our Team:

Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who are committed to the growth of ‘the Sikkim today’
Jeewan Dahal: Chief Executive Officer
Ifrah: chief strategy officer
Karma Sonam: Chief Financial Advisor
Anisha Kaul: Editor-in-chief
Hari Darshan: National Editor, Hindi
Along with that we have a team of interns covering various issues and serving you with facts and figures.

Platforms to connect with us:

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