Minister Roads and Bridges Inspection of Disaster-Affected Areas in Mangan District


Mangan, 3 July : The Minister of Roads and Bridges, Mr N.B. Dahal, conducted an inspection of the disaster-affected areas from Phidang to Lingdong in the Mangan district. These areas have recently been devastated by landslides triggered by a cloudburst.

The programme also included the presence of SDM Dzongu, Mr Arun Chettri, SE Roads and Bridges (Gangtok), SE Roads and Bridges (Mangan)Pintso Pulger, Mr Karma G. Lachenpa,RO Mr Wangyal Sherpa and officials of the concerned departments of the district.

During his visit, the Minister assured the people of full support and aid in these challenging times. He enquired with the SDM of Dzongu about the status of compensation for the damaged infrastructure. The SDM confirmed that ex gratia payments have already been provided to those affected. Additionally, the SDM mentioned that the office has commenced inspections to assess land damage caused by the disaster.

The Minister also spoke with Mr Madhukar, Junior Engineer of 107 RCC GREF, and Mr Anirudh Kumar, Assistant Engineer, regarding the restoration of the road in Lingdong. They reported that they are working expeditiously and assured that the road would be restored within a few days.


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