MLA Y.T. Lepcha Advocates BJP-SKM Alliance for 2024


Y.T. Lepcha, the senior BJP leader and MLA from Gangtok, has surprised everyone by suggesting that the BJP and the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) should join hands for the upcoming 2024 elections in Sikkim. This idea comes at a time when top BJP leaders have denied any plans for an alliance with SKM. YT Lepcha believes that such an alliance is necessary because the BJP faced tough challenges in previous elections.

He believes that teaming up with SKM is crucial for the BJP’s chances in the Lok Sabha elections in 2024. He says that without this partnership, the BJP might struggle to even get 500 votes. He pointed to the past Panchayat Elections where the BJP’s candidates couldn’t get more than 50 votes. However, recent elections saw victories for BJP candidates in places like DPH Ward, Gangtok, and Rumtek, he thanks to SKM’s support.

Lepcha emphasized the importance of this alliance, stating that working together with national and regional parties is necessary to solve Sikkim’s challenges. He suggested that this partnership could help address the state’s issues and contribute to its development.

Even though top BJP leaders haven’t shown interest in an alliance with SKM, Lepcha’s viewpoint highlights the potential benefits of such cooperation. This idea of a BJP-SKM alliance has caught the attention of political observers and the public.

As Sikkim’s political scene evolves, the proposal for a BJP-SKM alliance adds an interesting twist to the upcoming elections. Whether this partnership becomes a reality or not remains to be seen, but it definitely sparks discussions about how political alliances can shape the state’s future. With Lepcha advocating for unity to address Sikkim’s challenges, the question is whether practical considerations will overcome ideological differences, leading to a new political dynamic in the region.”


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