Petrol cheaper than tomatoes in Sikkim


Tomato prices are burning a hole in common people’s pockets in Sikkim as the vegetable being sold over Rs 120 per kg in Sikkim, making it even more expensive than petrol and diesel. 

In Gangtok, while petrol is currently priced at Rs 96.72 per litre and Rs 106.31 per litre respectively, tomato rates have climbed up to Rs 120-140 per kg.

In Lal Bazar tomatoes being sold at 120 Rs per Kg and wholesale at 110/- 

Some shop in Gangtok is selling tomatoes at 140/- per kg. 

Sikkim only depends on Siliguri Vegetables, in Siliguri retailer price is 120 and wholesale price is 105/- 

Why Tomato Prices Are Soaring?

Tomato prices have recently shot up in the markets across the state from Rs 25 per kg to a price of Rs 120-140 per kg. The reason behind this is the dip in supply due to heatwaves in tomato-growing areas and heavy rain across the country. And sikkim only depends on Siliguri market. 


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