Medhavi Skills University Inaugurates School of Modern Media & Entertainment, Signs MOUs with Global Partners


Medhavi Skills University, nestled in the heart of Sikkim, has reached a monumental milestone with the inauguration of its School of Modern Media & Entertainment and the signing of pioneering Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs). This historic occasion, held within the expansive grounds of the MSU campus, drew the attention of industry titans from around the world, marking the onset of a revolutionary era in media and entertainment.

Under the visionary leadership of its Co-Founders, Mr. PraveshDudani & Mr. Kuldip Sarma, the University has achieved many important milestones in terms of Industry tie ups with world’s  renowned Corporates and  manufacturing companies. The event had the presence of Brilliant personalities

such as Mr. Tony Perry, President of Pulse College and Head of Audio at Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin, Ireland; Mr. Jim Jacob, owner and director of NHQ Studios and B4M Entertainments; and Mr. Binil Eldose Kuriakose. Their esteemed presence, alongside other notable figures including Mr. RajithanEPB, VP Academics, Ahalia Foundation; Mr. Vinod PS, Consultant, Ahalia Media Park & ASOMSAFT; Mr. AmritKrishna MS, Director SAGERA LLP Private Limited; Mr. AjaiJohn, Director of SAGERA LLP Private Limited; Mr. Muhammad Anoob B, Consultant; Mr. Kamlesh Kumar, General Manager – NHPC; and Mrs. Samidha, HoD, Department of Music, Sikkim University, underscored the global significance of the occasion and a shared vision for nurturing talent and fostering industry growth.

The event commenced with a solemn rendition of the national anthem, followed by an enchanting performance of the State Song by the talented students of MSU, setting a tone of reverence and celebration. Mr. Kuldip Sarma, Co-founder and Pro Chancellor of Medhavi Skills University, delivered a comprehensive overview of MSU’s journey, emphasizing the transformative impact of collaborations on students and youths.

A pivotal moment of the event was the exchange of two significant Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), signifying strategic partnerships aimed at leveraging talent and driving innovation. The first MOU, between SAGERA LLP Pvt Ltd and MSU, demonstrates a commitment to mutual growth and collaboration. The second MOU, involving Windmill Lane Recording Studio, B4M Brothers, and MSU, emphasizes the fusion of music entertainment and education, opening avenues for new opportunities in the industry.

The inauguration of state-of-the-art, School of Modern Media and Entertainment marked another milestone in MSU’s pursuit of excellence. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources, these facilities are poised to offer students a dynamic learning environment conducive to creativity and innovation.

A heartwarming highlight of the event was the presentation of scholarship certificates to deserving students, highlighting MSU’s dedication to inclusivity and talent development. This gesture underscores the university’s commitment to nurturing talent irrespective of financial barriers, ensuring equitable access to quality education.

Throughout the event, speakers shared insights and motivations, emphasizing the transformative power of collaboration, skill development, and seizing opportunities. Mr. Perry stressed the significance of youth empowerment through collaboration, while Mr. Jacob shared inspiring anecdotes, urging the youth to embrace new programs and initiatives.

The cultural segment of the event showcased Sikkim’s rich heritage through captivating performances, including the rendition of Lepcha folk songs. Special guests and artists from Sikkim, such as Nik Prash Pradhan, Samaran Pradhan, and Rakesh Lohagun, were felicitated for their invaluable contributions to the region’s cultural tapestry, enriching the event with their presence.

Additionally, an engaging workshop for Audiography Career Aspirants provided a platform for industry leaders to interact with aspiring professionals. The workshop concluded with the distribution of certificates by Mr. Kuldip Sarma, Mr. Tony Perry, Mr. Jim Jacob, and Mr. Binil Eldhose, marking the successful completion of the program.

The event culminated with a gracious vote of thanks by Rishi Thapa, Assistant Registrar of MSU, expressing gratitude to all attendees for their unwavering support in advancing the cause of skill empowerment and collaboration. As the curtains drew to a close, the event left an indelible mark on the landscape of media and entertainment education, heralding a future filled with promise and opportunity.


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