Pregnant Woman Dies in STNM Due to ‘Medical Negligence’

STNM hospital sikkim
STNM hospital sikkim

Sikkim: Healthcare facilities in Sikkim are yet under crisis, as Sikkim planned to have the best healthcare system for the poor but the ground realities are far from what is being said in media being shown to the outside world.

The recent case of a 36-year-old pregnant woman succumbing due to neglect by an STNM hospital doctor should be eyes opener to all. A Pregnant lady from Khamdong had visited STNM Hospital yesterday afternoon as she was pregnant.

According to available details, she is a resident of the Khamdong area which is in the east district, came to the Hospital on Friday in the afternoon for a checkup. During ultrasound, the baby inside her womb was detected with no heartbeat. She was later admitted in the hospital and told to prepare for an operation.

The doctor on duty told her to prepare for the operation and asked her to wait till the furthur. However, soon after, the doctor left after completing his routine duty, and he didn’t turn up to conduct the operation and the patient suffered the whole night and eventually passed away at 7 AM today morning.

Her husband said when her condition deteriorated around evening on Thursday, he tired of reaching everywhere and pledged to save her wife who is in serious condition.

This hospital is only for the rich, we poor let alone suffer,” He told to The Sikkim Today.

Meanwhile, health officials and health minister is yet to give their statement as this is a serious case in Sikkim which is not for the first time in 2020 a 26-year-old died due to unavailability of ICU bed in the same hospital.

Till now management has not learned anything where 26 years old’s news was eyes open to all in 2021, at the same time the health department should pull up their shock since this happened in a multispeciality hospital.

This pregnant women’s death once again painted a grim picture of the healthcare scenario of Sikkim.

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