IIM Bangalore to Organize Entrepreneurship Festival

IIM Bangalore to organize Entrepreneurship festival
IIM Bangalore to organize Entrepreneurship festival

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) of Bangalore will organize its Entrepreneurship Festival on August 21 and 22. This entrepreneurial festival titled “Eximius 2021”, for the 14th edition. It will be run by students from postgraduate courses in management. The theme of this year’s Entrepreneurship Festival is “Reflect.Reboot.Rebound”. Eximius 2021 is open to everyone and will last until August 22. According to a statement from IIM Bangalore, the event aims to celebrate entrepreneurship and cultivate entrepreneurial talent among participants. Eximius 2021 will host more than 20 competitions, more than 15 speaker meetings. Along with lectures and panel discussions, seven seminars, and product demonstrations by startups.

The talks will focus on strategy, start-up financing, IPO launches, public policy, product management, commercial creative launches, etc. The IIM Bangalore statement added that some of the conversations will focus on the lessons learned from the pandemic the innovations have occurred in the past year, and how the industry is recovering. Eximius 2021 will also host traditional competitions, including Pitcher Perfect, Young Entrepreneur Program and Startup Junction.

IIM Bangalore’s Eximius Young Entrepreneur Program is an accelerator program for aspiring entrepreneurs. Startup Junction is a platform that provides start-ups with an opportunity to showcase their products to various investors, entrepreneurs and customers.

Eximius 2021 will feature speakers such as Professor Rajeev Gowda, ExMP, Rajya Sabha, Prashant Tandon, co-founder and CEO of 1MG, Ankit Gupta, OYO India Franchisee and Vanguard CEO, Satya Tripathi, Planet Alliance Secretary-General for Global Sustainability, Vikram Vaidyanathan, Managing Partner of Matrix Partners India and Tarun Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of mCaffeine. Comedians Sridhar V and Zakir Khan will also perform on August 21 and 22, respectively.

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