CM of Sikkim Honors ‘Yakthung Star: Season 1’ Winners in Rangpo 


Sikkim hosted a grand reception to honor the winners of “Yakthung Star: Season 1.” The event, held on August 29, 2023, was a testament to the power of unity and the triumph of talent within the Limboo community and the larger Sikkimese society.

Anjana Iimboo, the winner of the singing competition, and Aita Hang Limboo, who secured the third position, were the stars of the event. The competition, held in the Birtamode, Nepal, showcased their exceptional abilities and marked a milestone for Sikkim’s cultural scene. The reception, graced by Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang and his wife Krishna Rai, turned into a jubilant affair with ministers, MLAs, and other dignitaries also attended.

Chief Minister Golay’s admiration for the winners was palpable as he personally felicitated them. Anjana Limboo, in her heartfelt speech, lauded Chief Minister Golay’s unwavering support for the Limboo community, underlining initiatives such as the construction of community halls. She also shared her personal journey, resonating with aspiring artists.

Aita Hang Limboo, who referred to himself as a “chalak,” showcasing his journey as a driver, expressed his gratitude for the support he received and his pride in representing his community on a national stage.

Chief Minister Golay, in his speech, acknowledged the duo’s achievement not just as a Limboo triumph but as a moment of pride for all of Sikkim. His commitment to supporting future seasons of “Yakthung Star” and his plans to promote Limboo arts and culture further underscored his dedication.

As the event unfolded, it became evident that the celebration was not just about individual accomplishments but a reminder of Sikkim’s tradition of finding joy in others’ success. Chief Minister Golay’s encouragement for the winners to continue shining and his call to step out of the confines of their homes echoed the spirit of progress and growth.

The reception in Rangpo was more than a celebration; it was a reflection of the harmonious blend of talent, culture, and unity that defines Sikkim. The spotlight on Anjana Iimboo and Aita Hang Limboo illuminated the boundless potential of Sikkimese youth, setting the stage for an even brighter future.


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