PS Golay attended the New District proposal meeting

PS Golay
PS Golay

In his address, PS Golay stated that the decision to demarcate new Districts would be beneficial for the entire Sikkimese people and not just those belonging to these areas. The presentations showcased the planning done in advance by the concerned authorities and is the first step towards the establishment of the districts as promised and will come into effect in 2022.

Again PS Golay stated the that the prime purpose of our Government is to provide the best facilities to the masses, adding that the decision was made, keeping in mind the collective welfare of the people. He reiterated the initiative of Governance at the doorstep, which will provide basic facilities at the doorstep of the people and emphasised the implementation of IT for various official works to increase efficiency and urged the concerned individuals to adopt it as a foundation for the upcoming districts and build on it. He also urged the Ministers, MLAs, Advisors and others to familiarise themselves with these technologies for swift implementation of works and other matters.

Further, PS Golay stated that the Government functions as per the standard norms and policies and urged all to be mindful of these guidelines and adhere to them for smooth functioning. Similarly, he advised the concerned individuals to follow these norms and policies to establish a stronger foundation for the new districts. He also urged them to discuss on best measures for the collective welfare of these districts and the people.

Addressing the recent budget session, he informed the gathering about certain financial expenditure of the state and also about his meetings with individual departments regarding the management of funds, completion of works as scheduled and other internal matters.

PS Golay also emphasised on unitedly working towards the welfare of Sikkim and encouraged all to adopt a healthy work ethic to transform the work culture in the state. He reiterated the recent decision of the Government to provide discretionary funds to the ADCs(Development) and BDOs which can be used during emergencies and have provided vehicles wherever required.

As the new guidelines for unlocking are applicable from today, he appealed to the people to be cautious and not interpret this as the end of the pandemic. He directed the concerned officials to be vigilant and not permit any form of large gathering for the next few weeks. Likewise, he stated that the Government is already preparing for the third wave of the pandemic and has been adopting every necessary precaution. He affirmed his faith in the state health infrastructure, doctors, nurses, etc and added that they are more than capable of handling any sort of challenges.

Our Government has prioritised the Health and the Education sector and despite several hurdles, we have been persevering to further enhance the facilities in the state and will continue with our endeavours.



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