How these two constituencies in Sikkim is helping people deal in a difficult time


‘Helping everyone in who is in needed, we don’t want to do politics on this’ Said Milan Basnet who is also SKM social media in charge from Rangrang Yangyang.

As the second Covid-19 wave and rain continue to rip across the state Sikkim, two constituencies that don’t have a ruling MLA have gained prominence for helping people be it Corona Positive or landslide or difficult times.

Just a few days ago when the landslide alerted in lower Lingi there was some threat, the house needed to evaluate immediately Mr. Bikash Basnet got this news and he started monitoring immediately and asked his task force team to get to connect with SDM without any fail.

By Yesterday, eight houses were issued with immediate evacuation notice by the SDM to avoid further mishaps, concerning their shelter the department also provided Tarpaulin to them and to build their temporary houses Mr. Om Prakash Thapa has taken his personal initiative.

This all was monitored by the Taskforce of Yangyang lead by Bikash Basnet who is also the confidential secretary of Chief Minister PS Golay.

Though no ruling party MLA exists in Yangyang, Bikash Basnet even helps citizen’s applications to reach out to the chief minister get it signed and even bring it back an application to the person.

Speaking to The Sikkim Today, Bikash Basnet said, “After the Second wave started this year, under the guidance and instruction of HCM PS Golay – the SKM youth, CLC, Iyangyang Incharge and all members of Rangrang-Yangyang has started to help people from this difficult related issues. I am not alone in this, we are with lots of members who are working in the ground to the ground.”

Along with his member team, has been swiftly responding to SOS messages from across the constituency, arrange ration and food for the needy, medicine, shelter, and even helping elders get vaccinated.

The same goes for the Ravangla constituency where MLA from the ruling party doesn’t exist so SKM CLC president Bishnu Sharma is doing all possibilities he can, Ravangla is one of the most rural places in Sikkim which would have more hard in a difficult time. Anyway CLC and Area Incharge has connected with everyone like Healthcare people, Offical, and everyone.

“This is difficult times and for us, humanitarian work is primary, politics comes later,” said Bishnu Sharma CLC President.

Sikkim Medical Board Chairman Dichen Bhutia said, “Then in the first week of May this year, along with Bishnu Sharma and Kesangla Lashungpa, we held series of meetings to discuss how to tackle this difficult problem in Ravangla. Our first priority was to help the people in need of emergency medicines, food, shelter, and finance. We set up control rooms in our constituencies to receive SOS messages on WhatsApp.”

The main control room for their work is in the Ravangla party office, which coordinates with all state SKM party control rooms which are also monitoring by HCM.

Both Ravangla and Yangyang are doing best compared to other constituencies in the term of communication with peoples, they are sure citizen are okay in a difficult time.

Reacting to this, Bikash Basnet said, “For us, the life of a person is important and not who is the person. Our culture taught us ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and citizens are our family. So when we received a distress call, we immediately reached to help them no matter where we are no matter how busy we are.”


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