Cow and Calf died due to fire in sikkim


A milch cow and her calf were burnt to death on Saturday evening after a fire broke out in the cowshed of Harka Bdr Gurung, a resident of Gairi Goun village in the West Sikkim’s Sribadam area. Wherein another cow who’s about to give birth is also half burnt and is in serious condition. Another one cow and Ox is also in critical condition which is half burnt. 

The victim Harka Gurung told that on Saturday evening  around 2: 30 PM he don’t know how his cowshed caught fire that too afternoon time. The reason they go to know late due to distance between his house and cowshed. The news of the fire was given to the people of the nearby neighborhood.

Some people came and tried their best to control the fire. But the fire had raged so much that neither could control the fire. 

Hearing the news of the fire, the representative of offical of Sribadam rushed into the spot and met the victim’s family. 


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