Minister Raju Basnet Inspects Ranipool-Pakyong Road Works


Raju Basnet, Minister of Education, Sports & Youth Affairs, Law, and Parliamentary Affairs, and the Area MLA for Namcheybong, undertook a comprehensive joint inspection today to review the ongoing road works on the Ranipool-Pakyong National Highway and Assam Linzey. He was joined by Mr. Agwane Rohan Ramesh, as well as senior officials from the SE Roads and Bridges Department, DFO Forest and Environment, DE WRD and Irrigation Department, General Manager NHIDCL, AE Road and Bridges Department, PMGSY, and DPO Pakyong.

Also participating in the inspection were Mr. Robin Pd Sewa, ADC (Development); Mr. Dak Man Subba, SDM Pakyong; Panchayat members; various departmental officials and engineers; and local residents.

The inspection commenced from Sethipool-Ranipool to Aho Kisaan School. During this leg, the team was informed of several issues, including delays in bridge construction, wall damage, and sinking roads. Mr. Basnet queried the officials about the manpower involved and directed NHIDCL to expedite the ongoing works to ensure timely completion. He also stressed the importance of maintaining the surrounding areas of Saramsa Garden and recommended constructing a protective wall to prevent road sinkage in vulnerable zones.

The inspection continued from Aho-Mangkhim to the Andheri stretch, where it was revealed that the disruption of water flow channels due to construction activities was causing significant issues. NHIDCL officials agreed to conduct a survey with the help of panchayats and state authorities to identify cross-drainages and redirect the water flow appropriately.

The team discovered that the SPWD road from Aho to Mangkhim was blocked. Mr. Basnet instructed the concerned officials to clear and restore the road using heavy machinery. Additionally, DC Pakyong emphasized the necessity of making the road motorable by July 12, 2024, in accordance with Section 34 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

Further inspections included a review of Andheri Road and Basilakha Road to check on road construction progress and identify ways to divert natural water flow to protect the under-construction roads. At Pastenga Gaucharan to Noapgaon PMGSY road in Assam Lingzey, the team noted that the retaining wall at RD 1.5 km had been severely damaged by torrential rains. Labourers have been tasked with removing hazardous stones from the damaged wall.

An alternative diversion road has been proposed at Kilometre 16, Chapter 13 to Chapter 16 along the Assam Lingzey-Pakyong road near the 14-mile bridge in Pastinga due to the instability of the existing road, exacerbated by the river below and ongoing landslides. Mr. Naween Gurung, SE Roads and Bridges Department, reported that a survey for the alternate road has been completed, and a cost estimate is being prepared for immediate submission.

Mr. Basnet directed the Roads and Bridges Department to submit estimates for permanent restoration at Km 23 Ch 15 to 17 at Rong Rong Khola, Km 29 Ch 3 to 6, and Km 29 Ch 23 to 25 along the Assam Lingzey-Pakyong SPWD road, and urged them to ensure continuous road connectivity in the area.


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