Pubs & Bars open only till 11 pm in Sikkim

Bars & Pubs in Gangtok
Bars & Pubs in Gangtok

Bars & Pubs can open only till 11 PM on New Year, the Authority has requested the capital town to maintain social distance and avoid crowds while celebrating New Year. The government said on Thursday the Hotels must close by 10 pm and Restaurants / Pubs & Bars by 11 pm due to the chance of the spreading of the third wave of the pandemic.

All Pubs & Bars have to take permission from authorities if no strict action will be taken at the time. The Government and public health experts have warned citizens against triggering another outbreak. An Omicron wave of the Covid-19 pandemic can be fast spread, they warn, maybe even deadlier than the previous one as the virus may evolve.

‘All Private parties are also required to seek official permission and close by 11 pm.’ said SP over video message. 

“Strict legal action will be taken against restaurant and pub owners who don’t follow the latest notifications and appropriate covid restrictions,” said Sardar Police

The statement said that the owners of the restaurants and the bars will be held responsible for strict adherence to Covid guidelines. “In case any violation is found, Strict legal action will be taken against restaurant and pub owners” it added.

A large number of tourists was seen in Gangtok this winter season compared to higher than last years, can rise during a new years time. The third wave of infections — known as Omicron, which was spreading so fast. Several states report a huge single-day spike in Covid-19 cases.

Covid-19 Active Cases India Dec 29 updates as in cities, 2,510 fresh cases were reported in Mumbai, 923 in Delhi, 400 in Bengaluru, 540 in Kolkata, and 294 in Chennai and Sikkim stand as 10 new cases with 56 active and 7 new recoveries.

The financial capital of India Mumbai took a particularly hard hit during this time as a single-day spike of 2510 cases. During the second wave the country’s health care collapsed under the massive caseload, and in 2020, the people of Delhi ran from one hospital to another for hospital beds, drugs, and even oxygen cylinders.

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