SDF’s Vision on International Youth Day 2023

International youth day sdf

On the occasion of International Youth Day 2023, the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) produced a thought-provoking celebration that highlighted the core concerns and aspirations of the state’s young population. The event, marked by ceremonial lamp lighting and the resonating national anthem, served as a testament to SDF’s commitment to encouraging growth among Sikkim’s youth.

The day began with Dominic Syangbo’s enlightening discourse on entrepreneurship and technology. Syangbo’s insights illuminated the potential for these avenues to drive economic vitality and innovation within Sikkim, serving as catalysts for job creation and self-reliance.

Bandhana Sharma’s speech on health emphasized the need for accessible healthcare services and elevated health awareness, enabling the youth to lead healthier lives and contribute effectively to society.

Addressing the fundamental issue of law and order, Susil Rai delved into the significance of Section 371F. His speech shed light on the delicate balance between preserving cultural identity and maintaining a robust legal framework in the state.

Puran Chettri’s perspective on Sikkim’s tourism underscored the potential of this sector to not only boost the economy but also provide the youth with a range of employment opportunities.

The speech on protecting Sikkim’s environment resonated through Sahil Chettri’s passionate advocacy. His discourse on environmental preservation conveyed the urgency of sustainable development, ensuring that the state’s natural beauty remains a treasure for generations to come. Aditya Pradhan’s insights on the budget were enlightening, summarising the fiscal policies that would impact the youth’s prospects and Sikkim’s overall progress.

Sumitra Rai’s impassioned plea for women’s and children’s safety highlighted the need for comprehensive measures that guarantee their security and well-being. Rinzing Norbu Bhutia’s discourse on youth in politics encouraged young individuals to actively engage in shaping Sikkim’s political landscape, infusing fresh perspectives and enthusiasm.

Pawan Chamling, the SDF party president, concluded the event with a powerful speech on the party’s vision against the incumbent government’s performance. Expressing confidence in forming the next government, Chamling cited concerns of deteriorating law and order and mounting corruption under the current Chief Minister’s tenure.

In his rousing conclusion to the International Youth Day celebration, Pawan Chamling, the SDF party president, not only highlighted the party’s vision for Sikkim’s youth but also drew a stark comparison to the current state of affairs under Chief Minister PS Golay’s leadership. Chamling astutely pointed out that the incumbent Chief Minister had been focusing excessively on criticizing SDF and himself, seemingly diverting attention from the pressing issues at hand.

Chamling, reminiscing about the journey of progress and empowerment, showcased his visionary approach to youth development. He proudly narrated how he had initiated the transformation by introducing the OFOJ (One Family One Job) scheme, providing 20,000 Sikkimese families with employment opportunities. This initiative not only tackled unemployment but also ignited hope and optimism among the youth. Chamling boldly stated that if SDF were to return to power, the party would further refine and expand the OFOJ to regulations, ensuring consistent benefits for the people.

In a shrewd analysis, Chamling specified a perceived fear within PS Golay’s approach to change. He hinted at the notion that the current Chief Minister appeared hesitant to adapt to the evolving needs and aspirations of Sikkim’s populace, potentially hindering the state’s progress. This not only projected Chamling’s understanding of the need for dynamic leadership but also questioned the efficacy of the current administration’s strategies.

Chamling’s speech served as a powerful declaration of SDF’s commitment to the well-being of Sikkim’s youth and the state’s overall advancement. Through his words, he underscored the party’s legacy of driving change, fostering empowerment, and propelling growth. The event not only celebrated International Youth Day but also showcased SDF’s proactive stance in shaping the future of Sikkim by recognizing the youth as pivotal agents of change and progress.

In a comprehensive display of concerns ranging from entrepreneurship to environmental sustainability, the SDF’s International Youth Day celebration epitomized its commitment to nurturing a well-rounded and empowered youth demographic. By addressing issues that directly impact the state’s development and future, the event reflected SDF’s determination to lead Sikkim into a prosperous and progressive era.


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