SIT formed to probe Padam Gurung’s death

late Padam Gurung SRC President namchi
late Padam Gurung SRC President namchi

Sikkim Government has formed a special investigative team (SIT) to solve the murder case of Padam Gurung (21), whose body was found in a drain near Namchi on June 28. The SIT will likely be headed by new SP Dr TN Gyasto appointed as new SP Namchi.

According to the Sikkim Police, they have formed an SIT team to probe into the death of a 21-year-old student leader Padam Gurung whose body was found in a drain in Namchi district last week, meanwhile, SP South Manish Kumar Verma has been transferred to Capital in CBI Office.

Within 24 hours SP Namchi Manish Kumar Verma who was outraged by the public in Namchi Police Station was transferred to Gangtok by the office of the Governor likely due to delaying solving the case.

To public outrage at Namchi Police Station for not solving Padam Gurung’s case, after a few hours Governor of Sikkim also transferred SP South Manish Kumar Verma to the Gangtok CID office.

Mangan SP TN Gyatso is appointed as the new SP Namchi to investigate this case.

Recently Padam Gurung’s brother has claimed in the media that the dead body had many injury marks, he also claimed that his brother was beaten to death and was dumped into the drain.

Speaking with media the brother of the late Padam Gurung is claiming that his death was not an accidental accident but a murder. In his statement, Padam Gurung’s brother has pointed out two men and three women who, according to him, were present at the scene on the night of the incident as seen in the CCTV footage.

Prem Gurung and his family are urging for a thorough investigation into the case, citing the peculiar circumstances surrounding the matter.

Meanwhile reprehensive from BJP Sikkim went to Namchi police station yesterday and sought justice for the late Padam Gurung.


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