Vehicle falls into gorge in Sikkim, one tourist killed 


One tourist were killed and her husband sustained injuries when a car fell into a gorge in Rimbi, waterfall in west Sikkim on Thursday. 

The accident took place at the afternoon on Thursday near Rimbi waterfalls in Sikkim. 

One tourist died on the spot while one others succumbed to injuries at the hospital, they added.

The deceased were identified as Kabita Gadgil, a 49-year-old woman, was declared dead and her husband Rajiv Gadgil severe head injuries is now in hospital. 

They were in Sikkim as tourist, while travelling to Rimbi in west Sikkim. They were struck by a car while visiting the Rimbi waterfalls as tourists. The driver responsible for the accident has been apprehended, and legal action has been taken against him for reckless driving.


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