Purely Personal Event House Launch With Unforgettable Gateway ‘CHORDS’ In West Sikkim


Purely Personal Event House, a haven for personalized and extraordinary experiences, hosted an unforgettable musical getaway on 8th July, 2023 at ManderineVillage Resort, Kaluk, West Sikkim. Chords, the inaugural event, brought together music enthusiasts and guests from all corners of the state for a day filled with soulful performances, an open mic session, and an evening of dancing and delectable dining.

The official launch of the Purely Personal Event House marked the beginning of a new era in intimate gatherings and bespoke events. Co-founded by three enthusiasts, Mr Sulabh Gurung, Mr. Diwash Kapil Chettri and Mr Sabin Pandey, the event house seeks to organise and host customised events as per the need and nature of the guests.

The evening unfolded with a vibrant open mic session followed by the acoustic performances. The Classical Duo, Dinesh and Nimesh Dahal, mesmerized with their captivating melodies, while Deepanjali K. Chettri’s soulful voice resonated deeply within the hearts of all who listened. Basant Nepal’s captivating performance left the audience in awe, and Smaran Gurung from Civilian Unrest closed the evening with an electrifying set that left the crowd craving for more.

The festivities continued into the night with the lively theme “Dancing Your Worries Away.” Guests surrendered to the rhythm, danced to their heart’s content, and indulged in a delectable dinner served at their respective rooms and restaurant. 

Purely Personal Event House and its organizing team would like to express their sincerest gratitude to the incredible artists, esteemed guests, and everyone involved in making this event an extraordinary success. Chords served as a testament to the power of music and togetherness, creating cherished memories that will resonate for a lifetime.


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