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At some point in our lives, we all wanted to be a part of reality shows like The Truman Show. Even at least, say we all wanted to be popular, we want people to watch us. Many of us in our childhood would have believed that we all are a part of reality shows and people are watching us – no worries, no one is judging us. 

However as we all grew up world’s reality hit us hard, we realized that was all just our childish imagination. 

Truman Show Delusion:

I know you all are a little mesmerized by my lines above. Well, I am not sure how many of you are aware of the term “Truman Show Delusion”.

Truman Show Delusion: The Truman Show, a comedy-drama film made in 1998, directed by Peter Weir. In this movie, there is a man with an ordinary life, an ordinary wife and ordinary neighbors but one day he found out that his life is a TV show and all people around him was mere actors.

Many people have liked this movie while other people relate them to this movie. “Truman Show” syndrome is a psychological condition in which people are convinced that they are living in a reality TV show world, that everybody around them is an actor with scripts to enact their lines. They believe that their whole life is a reality show and people are watching them every second. 

The syndrome name comes from the movie The Truman Show. It was coined by Joel Gold and his brother Ian gold, NYU psychiatrist, in 2008.

Gold said he first came across a patient with what he and his brother would later label the “Truman Show delusion” at Bellevue Hospital in New York City around Halloween 2003.

“The first time I experienced it, I was fascinated but didn’t think much of it,” he said. “By the time we got to five patients, I said, ‘this is something unusual.'” 

Gold spent the next 11 years studying the phenomenon – a type of paranoid psychosis. He and his brother published a book, “Suspicious Minds,” in 2014 that details the ways delusion manifest in psychiatric patients.



Ever wondered what are factors caused people to think like that? Well, according to researchers, these delusions are more likely to happen to those who wants to stand out in a crowd, who loves to become the centre of attention. 

Above all, such delusions make the lives of people suffering from the more difficult. Treatment options are also limited as there is no particular diagnosis for it. The treatment for this delusion is the same as the treatment for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder which is hospitalization, medication, close observation. However, there is no guarantee of recovery.


Sakshi Saklani
Sakshi Saklani
Sakshi Saklani is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication from Management education and Research Institute ( MERI) affiliated with Indraprastha University( I.P. University). Her areas of Interest are Content Writing and doing voiceovers and social media management. She loves to read, write and explore things.

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