I am sure each one of us loves to listen to music. We all know music helps us to focus, relieves our mood and whatnot. Now the point does we all prefer to listen to music while studying or doing important work. But it is ambiguous to say that everyone agrees to this. This may not be helpful for some people.

Music has many benefits including:

1. It helps in improving your mood.

2. It increases motivation.

3. It improves your memory and brain stimulation.

Study shows that listening it while studying helps you to concentrate more on your study or is conducive to study. Let us know if it is helpful or not.


  • Improves mood: Let’s put it in this way, you fight with your friend or say you have a frustrating day at work. You came home and your mood is not good, music will the best thing at that time to uplift your mood.

Now, combine it with the study. If you have trouble solving some problem try listening to soft songs which makes you comfortable and then try to solve the problem because it relaxes your mind.

  • Enhances concentration: According to a 2007 study from the Stanford University School of Medicine, music- classical music, specifically can help your brain absorb and interpret new information more easily. 


Try it out once maybe it can help you in learning those terrific dates of history books- one of the worst nightmares for a student.

  • Increases efficiency: Are you tired of doing that same practical file work repetitively? Then maybe music is the answer for you guys. It is of huge help with the work that is boring and repetitive, also makes your mood lightened up which results increase in work speed and improves the quality of work thus improving the efficiency of human resource.

Just like every coin and every story has two sides, there are always pros and cons of a topic. Not everyone prefers music for their important work.


  • Distraction:  Music is known for its nature of distracting an individual whenever he/she is having a bad time. People opt for music to distract themselves when they are having negative thoughts or when they feel sad. Now, for some important work like your study music will distract you from doing that work properly.

You do not want to spoil your exam just because you were preparing for it while listening to songs. 

  • Impacts your working memory: Working memory refers to the information you use for problem-solving, learning, and other cognitive tasks. Research suggests, however, that listening to music can reduce working memory capacity.


Most of us are not good at learning things or keeping more than one piece of information in mind, for these people music is not a good option during the study as music can make the process the more difficult or we can say more challenging.

  • Difficulty in reading comprehension: If you thinking of reading a book or a novel try to avoid musical during that process as very loud song, fast music can make it a challenge for you guys to read your material more efficiently. 

Now, the bottom line is that music can be of different use to various people. Maybe it soothes one’s mind and distracts the other, maybe it is therapeutic to one’s soul and disaster for other and maybe it is helpful for one person while studying and not at all helpful to other for the same thing.

So choose wisely which method is suitable for you for doing your work.



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