Fighting Terrorism- Are We Really in this together?

    Are we really fighting with Terrorism
    Are we really fighting with Terrorism

    Is peace-talk and fighting terrorism just an idea in the minds of all the high-level international institutions? Are all the efforts collaborative or has a vested interest in the one’s who stand strong?

    Apart from fighting COVID-19, that already destroyed so many lives to witnessing climate issues and then the terrorism and human rights violations. We need to have a clear analysis of where do we globally stand on these issues. Don’t we see how clearly how all these issues that should be under control are rather widespread?

    What is terrorism?

    Terrorism is taking the road opposite to our morals and then destroying stability bought in by peace thus creating high-level violence. The way, we understand terrorism and its spread is very important to be able to fight against the cause.

    The word terror openly advocated by Robespierre, during French Revolution. Arbitrary arrest, torture, and execution to punish what it viewed as religious belief. Later, the approach adopted in western nations United States, Europe, Russia by the adherents of anarchism. The concept where to assassinate persons in positions of power will help them bring in social and revolutionary change.

    So, is the use of terror and reasons always the same? The world become very violent by adopting new ways of getting what is being wished for. Many government officials, Presidents, Prime ministers, Diplomats, Journalists have been killed or assassinated. The practice of terror changed during the 20th century, several political movements international or regional, extreme left and extreme rights spectrum were observed around the globe. Does this have any contribution to the rise of Terror”ism”? A word turned into a whole practice. 

    What is international security?

    It’s a term popularly used, where strong institutions pledge to fight against the ills of society. The aim is to ensure the collective survival of all countries by taking certain steps globally. The concept of liberation and globalisation bought the nation/ countries together to be able to stand against issues. Issues that are now very easy to witness in the name of Law of a community or protecting own religious teachings, caste-based, socio-economic status (the rich-poor).

    World Terrorism network today:

    Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, The Taliban, AL- Shabab, Haqqani and more some restricted to regional or national boundaries. Just like the world government and leaders come together for maintaining peace. The terrorist network linked with one another. Taking the example of recent Kabul explosions. The uncertainty if Kabul is being run by Haqqani after the Taliban takeover. 

    This networking has its agendas. If you follow up on the Afghanistan situation, several media houses have reported. Taliban laughing when asked if women will be given the right to vote. Is there to be any voting when a particular terror group takes over a nation? Taliban leader urges to continue trade with INDIA. Does this come with an agenda? Just recently “Deepak Mittal ambassador to Qatar met officially with the Taliban political head Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai in Doha at Indian Embassy. The talks focused on the early return of Indian Nationals and travel of Afghan nationals in India, Minorities, Security – that Afghanistan’s soil should not be used for Anti- Indian Activities.

    Keeping this in mind according to the Tribune India “Punjab Police thwart terrorist attack by arresting Tarn Taran resident; seize 2 hand grenades”. Punjab borders Sindh and the influx of grenades and RDX-laden tiffin boxes have been on increase. 

    On the other hand, the withdrawal of American troops over which the Taliban celebrates. There are over 200 Americans and Afghan’s that are left behind and resettlement of thousands of refugees is a challenge being faced by US President Biden. The evacuation now has been called into question by the Republican lawmakers. The massive suicide bombing killed 13 American U.S troops and more than 180 Afghans. Will Afghanistan be a breeding ground for future terrorism. 

    The peace-keeping organisations:

    United Nations peace keeping organisation aims to maintain peace in areas of armed conflict where the peacekeeping forces are employed. Peacekeepers aim to protect civilians, actively prevent conflict, reduce violence, strengthen security, and empower national authorities to assume these responsibilities. This requires a coherent security and peacebuilding strategy that supports the political strategy.

    Apparently, there are no guidelines for how to plan and deploy them under peacekeeping operations, followed by the above-mentioned aims. While celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Action for Peacekeeping in March’21. The environment inside the peacekeeping still struggles to make it fully woman-friendly, since the working woman under the organisation is less. Why more women are required is not a question to ask. The answer to this is not equality only but what difference women being in an organisation make. We all have seen women tend to be the largest held victims in armed conflicted areas. Example- a woman now in Afghanistan being beaten to make bad food, rape, use of women as a sex slave. There are many incidents that only the one who experiences can help to solve. It takes one to be in the shoe of another to be able to act accordingly. 

    Two decades of American troops ended with an administrative takeover by an Armed community makes us question its existence. How helpful and active is the organisation regarding the recent result we have seen. “There are currently no discussions at the SC on sending a UN peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan and in particular to Kabul” quoting Business standard. 

    What are we currently looking at?

    Regarding the Afghan situation, under India’s Presidency, a Resolution has been adopted. The vote was abstained by RUSSIA, CHINA, PAKISTAN. US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield disappointed with the abstentions of Russia and China stated, “I will tell you that within the P5 we consulted very closely.” 

    We can see a new regional structure emerging here – vested interests? Russia and China are the permanent members of the security council. How can a resolution not be supported unless there two nations are providing an alternation? Makes us question the coordination within the U.N security council. The game does not have to be Political every time especially when security concern is not limited to that of Afghan anymore. There is the possibility of more attacks in the coming future, even though the Taliban is trying to convey a message through Press conferences about wanting Afghans to follow the “Law of Sharia” and no harm to the international community or Afghan. But have ever human wants subsided after a little progress makes us bring the question of “new world order”. 

    “Truth is always the most important thing, even when it leads us into dark places” Deborah Ellis Author of The Breadwinner.

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