Journalists protest in Siliguri over press freedom

    Journalist protest in Siliguri
    Journalist protest in Siliguri

    In a powerful display of dissent, the journalists in Siliguri took a stand against the recent violence targeting their colleagues during the Panchayat elections. Yesterday’s brutal incidents saw several journalists being assaulted while documenting booth capturing. Seeking justice and condemning the attacks, the determined journalists positioned themselves beneath the iconic Gandhi statue in Court More.

    With a resolute gesture, they symbolically highlighted the need for peaceful protest and protection of press freedom. Their solitary act resonated with many, drawing attention to the urgent issue of safeguarding the rights and safety of journalists. The demonstration serves as a reminder of the crucial role the media plays in upholding democracy.

    On Saturday, Journalist in North Bengal were assaulted after recording news of booth captured by some goons. The Siliguri Union of Working Journalists and press clubs held protest marches demanding stringent action against the goons who assulted Journalist for for covering booth captured footage.


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