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We always put these words under the column of men and women. Masculinity always associated with the term ‘men’. While others were more forward and said that the word masculine meant men or the male gender. When searching up the word feminine it came up with similar results.

Talking about masculinity and femininity are not the same things as gender. They are considered as a trait such as masculinity includes being dominant, strong, independent, assertive, brave and innovative. On the other hand, femininity considered as emotional, nurturing, vulnerable, Caring, humble and collaborative. When looking at these traits, I don’t see any gender here.

Feminine traits are considered as a weaker trait in comparison to masculine traits. Orthodox perception expect women to have masculine traits at the workplace in order to sustain themselves longer. Now, why is this? Why have we taken these traits and immediately started labeling them?


We have seen that most of the times when a woman is being dominant or assertive she is bossy. However, if a man is dominant or assertive he’s a boss and is trying to take control over things. Also, when a man is seen crying or being caring, he is considered weak. While if a woman is emotional or caring it is considered good or the way she is supposed to act. Equality is yet to come. As society with this perception needs to understand that masculinity and femininity are not traits depending on gender. They rather depend on the character.

To be balanced, I believe we need to have both masculine traits and feminine traits according to the situation. We all are social animals and our brains are formed within a culture. The way we all know the difference between femininity and masculinity is imprinted by the cultural environment we grew up in.


The cultural views of behavioral differences between men and women continue to be reinforced in our adult lives. Some of the most common belief about male and female behavior is:         

•Men are cold hearted and don’t reveal their emotions while women are irrational and over-emotional.

•Women are more concerned about children and household stuff than men do while men care about practical issues more than women do.

•Women have to teach men how to feel while men have to take care of women.

Such Stereotypes put men and women on opposing sides and are downright disrespectful of both genders. The fact that society supports these biases strengthens them but it does not make them accurate.


We have seen many times in films and television series that if a girl is in danger she usually shouts for help and men being men, shown with their strong forearms protect them. Also, many times they also portrayed that a woman taking care of her household, not working, having children at the age of twenty five. Further not speaking back to her husband as cultured and well settled. The traits of femininity and masculinity compared with the term gender needs to be stopped.

 A woman can be financially independent, strong, and practical and can still indulge with feminine traits. Whereas, a man who is emotional, caring, collaborative can also have masculine traits in him. Traditionally, masculinity and femininity have been conceptualized as opposite ends of a single dimension, with masculinity at one extreme and femininity at the other.


Therefore, Masculinity in the mind of society is where social gender roles are clearly distinct, Men are supposed to be tough, focused and assertive on material success. On other hand, women are supposed to be more modest, tender, and concerned with the quality of life. Femininity stands in a society where social gender roles overlap. Dimension focuses on how extent to which a society stresses achievement or nurture.


Somya Kharbanda
Somya Kharbanda
Somaya is a versatile content writer with a passion for reading, writing diverse Content and familiarity in the English Language. She is doing Bachelor's Degree in Mass and Communication, she is Ambitious, keen on researching new news stories and Ideas an organized, and dependable candidate successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude. Willingness to take on Added responsibilities to meet the team Goals.

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