PSEUDO-FEMINISM: Unwinding the Saga

PSEUDO-FEMINISM: Unwinding the Saga
PSEUDO-FEMINISM: Unwinding the Saga


• We all are very familiar with the topic of feminism. Yet many of us still get bemused between seeking equality and suppressing one gender over another. In simple words, feminism means equal rights and equal treatment for men and women. It is all about social, political, and economic equality for the different sexes.

Also, it indulges in combatting prejudice and discrimination towards women. Feminism isn’t about creating a measuring scale of who is worse off. It’s about learning and understanding the ways that how inequality affect women and men and making it understand that we’re all in this together. True equality leaves no one behind instead all of them to walk together on the same path.


Feminist discourse is an inevitable fragment of the social media experience. Everyone has an opinion to offer and aggressively defend it, regardless of any expertise or knowledge. Where most of the women fight for equality, some of them have taken a wrong turn from it. This has led people to precept that it is absolutely fine to demean men within the society. Even, to suppress them by pondering that they are ‘feminists’ and can do anything as they have the authority to do so. However, bona fide feminism means the advocacy of women’s rights based on equality of all the gender.

Living in a society where women face several problems every day it is worst that some people are damaging the word feminism. To clarify this term further, pseudo feminists say that, ‘we had suffered tons of pain in the past, so to make it even if we demean men, we have the right to do that’. Whereas, equality and not surpassing men, but getting all the rights that are equivalent to men. It was and is the objective of the feminists, then and now.



  • Let’s take a case on pseudo feminism, in Amity University, the incident occurred on a small fight on car parking issue between two boys and a woman. Where the girl, Komal was parking her car in the middle of the road and when the boys, ‘Harsh’ and ‘Madhav’, confronted her. However, she called up her male friends. The gang of goons brutally beat ‘Harsh’ and ‘Madhav’ and later on the girl filed fake molestation charge on them.

All the social media platforms flooded the news and the girl set as an example of pseudo feminism. This case vividly shows how women can take an absolute boon of their gender irrelevant to what they did. Many times, we see people on social media claiming to be a feminist and hardly any of them know what being a feminist is, and they end up being pseudo-feminist.

A pseudo-feminist desires to fabricate a world regime just by being a woman. While a feminist only wants equal treatment and needs respect like any other human being on earth. Another vicious quote on social media that I came across a few days back where the girl captioned her picture, “all men are trash, now they don’t give us butterflies, they are giving us headaches only”. This is where people get perplexed, maybe the men in her life who caused her trauma deserves a punishment. Still they have no right to generalize and put all men in one bucket, minor captions like this can disturb the perception of others.


  • One of the most renowned and recent cases of Lucknow that went viral on social media. The incident took place at Krishna Nagar locality in the Uttar Pradesh capital where the woman was seen accusing the taxi driver of trying to run her over. She then hit the cab driver at least a dozen times within the presence of traffic personnel. “You’ll run over a woman?” she is heard asking in the video while continuously slapping that driver. However, the cabbie not only denied the allegations but also didn’t lose his cool throughout the incident. He said that she had damaged his mobile phone. “Who will pay for that? It is my employer’s phone. I’m a poor man, it cost ₹ 25,000,” he says.

Even After this incident went viral, the woman defended her by making up the stories. But the most disturbing fact is that how these pseudo feminists scout flaws in everything men do. Finding ways to make men look bad, by portraying them as accused if nothing works for them or consistent with their choices. Only to play the final victim card to protect themselves.


There are so many other incidents that we encounter daily, but the point there is pseudo feminism is all about female supremacy and hatred for men. It’s not about equality but revenge for the atrocities and therefore the dominance and the abuse faced by the ladies at the hands of some petty men, not all of them. The best way to deal with pseudo-feminism is vividly see both sides of the story before jumping onto the actual conclusion.

• Therefore, partial understanding of the concept is a dangerous thing. We have seen many instances where people misuse the word feminism to defend themselves. Half-knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance itself. Every man out there is not a rapist. Feminism is a form of equality whereas, pseudo-feminism is a form of female chauvinism. There is no weighing up.



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