How this Sikkim’s traffic Police is using comedy to spread Awareness 

palman Subba
Sikkim police Palman Subba

Sikkim’s traffic police, Palman Subba, is using his comedy talent to create awareness of traffic rules, alcohol, addiction, and domestic violence and to raise their voice against the increasing numbers of drug addicts in the state. 

According to TST, the brilliant comedy posts by Palman Subba who is a Traffic Police on the Facebook post are made to create awareness about important issues concerning the safety of the people and the future of the state’s young generation.

He has also joined the campaign with an official TST account that recently overflowed with posts about the campaign to make Sikkim a “Drug-Free state”. However, it’s their interesting way to catch attention through comedy skills so youth can watch it on social media platforms. 

Recently his “plastic-free campaign” went viral in local media which give him hope to create more awareness in the future. 

Following the interesting Facebook posts, people have also appreciated the campaign and the way it was posted. Some of the Facebook posts read: “So good to see citizen’s attention towards this issue. Hope this spreads everywhere. “Appreciate your creativity,”

While Palman posted in Gangtok surrounding areas know the situation of drug and alcohol is rising rapidly. So he wants to spread awareness through video messages using his comedy skill. However, he continues to keep it even after duties to help young people to understand these difficult times.

He said about social media, “The effort is to recognize the work I’m doing to protect the young generation. Also, I try to create awareness via these campaigns. I do this through Social media and also thank Local Media Like TST, and Sikkim News for uploading so it can reach out to people. But the ultimate message in each one of these tweets is urging youngsters not to enter into addiction life” he said.


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