Governance at the Doorstep” in Dzongu


Mangan, January 10, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang under the banner “Governance at the Doorstep”, met with the public of Dzongu Constituency at Namprikdang, Forest Guest House.

Chief Minister, at the outset briefed the public where he mentioned that the public meeting is being done to have direct contact with the citizens to understand their grievances and address their issues.

The meeting witnessed huge amount of public gathering from the Dzongu Constituency, wherein orderly manner was maintained to provide a stage for public to voice their concerns.

On the mass public meeting, HCM provided medical assistance and government services to those in need.

The meeting also had the presence of Minister Shri Sonam Lama, Minister Shri Samdup Lepcha, MLA Dzongu Shri Pintso Namgyal Lepcha, Chairmans , Political Secretary to HCM, Additional Political Secretary to HCM North, Zilla Adakshya Mangan, Zilla Up- Adakshya Mangan, Secretaries , D.C Managn, A.D.M Managn, ADC (Dev) Mangan, ADC (Dev) Chungthang, SDMs, BDOs, Officers & Officals, Councillors and Panchayats.


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