IPS officer Manish Kumar Verma in Sikkim is transferred from Namchi to The CID branch

SP South manish Kumar Verma
SP South manish Kumar Verma

According to the notification released by the Governor of Sikkim, IPS Manish Kumar Verma has been transferred from Namchi to the CID Branch. He was previously serving as the Superintendent of Police (SP) in Namchi.

The notification also states that Dr. Tshering Namgyal Gyatso, who held the position of SP in Mangan, has been appointed as the new SP of Namchi.

The transfer order was issued by the Governor in the late evening, with immediate effect. It is speculated that the transfer might be related to the IPS officer’s inability to solve a recent case involving the death of a former student president from Namchi College. The incident caused public outrage, and protests were held by the public and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) outside the Namchi Police Station. The SP of Namchi was reportedly unable to provide any statements regarding the case, further fueling the outrage.

In response to the situation, the Chief Minister of Sikkim recently announced in Temi Tarku that the government has formed a special investigation team to look into the case of the late Padam Gurung.

The BJP in Sikkim has raised questions as to why the case of Padam Gurung remains unsolved, especially when it is claimed that all the evidence was available to the police. These questions were posed during the protests at the Namchi Police Station by both the public and the police.


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