Reforms required for Sports in India

Sports in India
Sports in India

Sports is important for every country. In India, it’s like a prayer for those interested in only making a carrier in the sports field. Several organisations run sports for India. Like:- BCCI, SAI and many more for each sports category. But still, some more reforms should be there for sports to make it more efficient and effective. The players struggle for the training, for a better view, for better techniques, for better skills and abilities. Also, for enhancing powers and making weakness into strength.

Much required reforms:

Reforms that would change the entire sports are as follows:-

1. First reform, I think that should be for better training for the players who can’t afford the training in big institutes and from best trainers. Because of this lack, many players can’t come up in the main events to represent India.

2. Second reform should be for better resources to players Who can’t afford proteins and proper diet for the proper enhancement of their physical and mental strength.

3. Third reform should be opening of Sports complexes For the players of rural areas where players don’t get a proper place to practice and for learning new techniques.

4. Fourth reform should be the removal of bias with the players. That player who is more capable for the selection should be selected not by the approach or by giving extra Money.

5. After retirement players should also get a proper stipend and should also get complete requirements for their entire life because after retirement no one values players and they have to face many financial and other types of issues.

So, these are the reforms that should be launched by the government which would help the players in their life and will change the map of sports in India. By this India will perform better and make us proud at all sports levels.

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