India achieves 10th position in UN Cybersecurity Index

Cyber Security

In a report published by the United Nations on Tuesday, India has bagged the 10th position with an overall score of 97.49 in the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI). The latest report published in the 4th edition of the GCI, with the first edition published around 6 years back. An important point to note is that India was in the 47th position in the 3rd edition of the report.

Lt. Gen(retd) Rajesh Pant, head of India’s National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC) gave credit to initiatives taken along with Cyber Emergency Response Team, under the guidance of our PM Narendra Modi. He also told that a National Strategy on Cyber Security is almost complete and waiting for the cabinet nod to be implemented.

The GCI is a report published by United Nations’ specialized wing or an agency dealing with telecommunication issues called as International Telecommunication Union (ITU). This union is focused on dealing with the changing cyberspace and raise awareness about the need for secure cyberspace. Each country was measured through 20 indicators with the help of around 82 questions. USA grabbed first place this year with a perfect score, followed by a tie break for the second position between Saudi Arabia and the UK. India was ranked at 4th position in the Asia-Pacific region. China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan got 33rd, 53rd, and 79th position respectively.

India has regularly raised the question of increasing cyberattacks by terrorists to spread their propaganda at various global levels including the UNSC. The post-covid era has forced the governments to revisit their cybersecurity policies as the majority of the world has been hit by a lot of cyberattacks including India. This report has come as a relief for the agencies working in this field under pressure from various organizations over data leaks.

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