Photo Journalism and Beyond: The Storytellers

Photo Journalism
Photo Journalism and the 21st Century

The origin of Photo-Journalism

Photojournalism can be dated back to the 1920s. The work of a photographer is to explore and unleash the increasingly complex relationship between people and everything that goes around the globe in regards to wars, environment, economy, and in current terms the pandemic-like situation. 

Photos tell a story beyond just words expressing stories that stay longer in the minds of people so as to reflect on the issues that keep on emerging and how one can be prepared to face the same. 

Journalism through photography has its way to show different sides of a story. It shows not only two sides of the coin( positive & negative) but it shows the side of a story where relief and a way forward can be found to a particular circumstance that arose.

Role of Photojournalism 

Photojournalism plays an important and impeccable role when it comes to evaluating the content. Weeks to years are devoted to gathering visual information that contributes as a deriving vehicle towards photo-reportage.

It provides a platform to the artist (photographer) itself showcasing the interwoven layers of life and free emotions of those being captured. 

This encourages people to make use of their personal experiences while a picture stimulates all possible senses in a human being. The boundaries are crossed and comprehending a piece of information reaches new heights.

Photojournalism has its limitations if we have to compare it with photo documentaries which can not be questioned. One can not manipulate the documentary in any way. 

Today’s photo journal’s that we see frozen in the newspaper can also be misinterpreted and manipulated while everyone carries their own political views being defensive towards the right and immoral acts. 

Addressing emerging issues 

Talking of photojournalism we can also 

Point out if it’s possible to reach gender parity in photojournalism? 

Usually, organisations avoid sending women of today out into the field. 

Gandhi Ji always states that until the women of the country are not free and empowered the country can never be free – women’s role can make the helpless more powerful. Women tend to carry different views which builds up new insights into a story/photo essay unfolding new arenas to a situation. 

Potential of Photojournalism in today’s world? 

Let’s take into account the issue of crisis reporting. Camera phones have essentially turned into a casual observer and social media is a widely used resource to spread awareness. But verification of the same is equally important since everything on social media is a speedy spread.

Storytelling with verified content is important by photojournalists today, the potential has to be of an artistic vision transcending superficial coverage. 

The real test for photojournalists is to restore friendly relationships with the technical realities of the new media landscape and to make sure ethical requirements of journalism are met.

Photojournalism has to be a workplace where photojournalist work as storytellers

And not mere people who are able to break news. 

The part journalists need to play today is important in a democracy to maintain decorum and a balance between reality and what is being interpreted.

As the technology is kept alive and updated we need to be more clear about what is being showcased and is not being misunderstood. Photojournalists today are a part of the country working as facilitators and are more profound about creating connections and filling up the gaps that are created by mere “Word of mouth”.

Photojournalism works are a psychological stimulus for people around the world to discuss and act collectively. 

Let’s take an example of Photojournalism 

Now the picture says that everyone is together in this world from living in their homes to travelling somewhere but everyone is busy on their own. No one has a single minute to communicate with each other, some of them are busy on their phones or someone is reading a book but no one has time to communicate with each other and ask them about their life problems, etc. Everyone is busy in their own world. The percentage of suicides has been increasing day by day because people do not communicate with each other. So the photographer wants to depict that even people are surrounded with each other even after that they don’t talk and everyone is busy in their own lives.

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