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There are a lot of options or platforms when it comes to online marketing. They all have pros and cons and they’re each ideal for different realms. Today let’s learn about digital marketing channels and how to choose them.


Around 93% of all internet sessions start with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most prominent digital marketing channels.

SEO helps us to rank our website well in search engines like Google which helps us to grow. The mantra of growing a website is that our content should be unique and creative to increase traffic.

SEO aids the customers to interact with you. When people search for something related to your business it will appear on the top of the search list. Uses of SEO:

  • Increase your visibility online
  • Helps to get qualified leads of the customers
  • Builds your site’s value over time.

Pay–Per Click (PPC)

PPC ads are the online advertisements, displayed on websites or social media. When the customer clicks on the PPC, one has to pay.

The digital marketing channel is useful for quick interaction with the customer. This reasons PPC ads’ presence on websites and social media. These ads are converted into sales and are an efficient way to business online.

Better than growing organically or normal SEO. PPC ads are placed to target the audience and set the reach according to the visitors on the website. Demographic characteristics also plays an important role in these ads.


Around 80-90% of people use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Quora or Pinterest. We can upload the content on daily basis and promote it to a large audience as posts, reels or stories. These will give a good reach to the audience and through this, we can reach out to more customers online. We can use social media as an advertisement mode only if we want to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Engage with the audience
  • Generate leads through ads.


Content Marketing is the practice of making content for blogs, posts or websites. Unique content will attract the audience or some of them may buy your services or products. Content marketing works greatly on online platforms. You can optimize your content for search engines like Google, share that content on social media and through the mail. Creating content for the audience is better for the business. After going through the content the customers start building relationships with you for dealing or doing business. Good content helps the customer to trust you, your products and services. The following demands should be in consideration:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve your brand’s reputation and build trust with your audience
  • Reach people at various parts of the marketing funnel.


Another powerful digital marketing tool is email. You can use email to make leads and it is a formal way to reach the customer or audience. A customer showing interest to you via email is best use of email marketing. Contacting you through mail helps to build a relationship. Via email, you can share your company’s blogs, special offers or any updates. The demands are:

  • Nurture existing leads
  • Builds relationships with customers and prospects
  • Stay top of mind among your subscribers.


To attract audience digital marketing is efficient. With the aim that visitors should give a positive response. They might purchase the services or product that is profitable for the business.

By keeping these things in mind we have to develop or design website that encourages the audience. They should stay on your website, visit again and this may lead them to buy the service or product. To get success in this you need to follow some steps:

  • Professionally Styled: A professional should install the website. It should also be correct and clear. Otherwise it will make a negative impact on the company.
  • User Friendly: If people find your website attractive it will increase the traffic, this means you’re winning the customer.
  • Secure: If your website is not secure and the customer’s information can be stolen, then they will avoid visiting it. They may also restrict others from visiting your website

Use Web Designing or development if you meet your demands such as:

  • Create a positive impression on website visitors
  • Encourage website visitors to stay longer on your website
  • Drive more conversions with your site.


Amazon conducts maximum sales. If you run any an e-commerce business, then focusing to improve your business on Amazon will be very beneficial. Amazon provides you with a big opportunity to improve and run your business online. You should focus on Amazon if:

  • Reach more online shoppers
  • Improve your e-commerce SEO
  • Boost your e-commerce sales.



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