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The technology that we have today is like a boon for us and the one who invented it, “Hooman” has the psychology that made them create the best technology but have you ever thought of combining them both? we can create a successful SEO strategy, but before that, we should know that in which areas of SEO we can use psychology.

How does this technology come this far to us, it’s easy to understand it now but it took years to reach till here how easily we could just recall the time where the task of the marketer was to create his market by going physically to the people but then the digital revolution brought them in a phase where the game of communication just changed digitally and then marketers just need to understand about their audience and create a relationship with them by easily persuading them, for example by giving a buy 1 get 1 free offer, this time is true in the arena of search.

We have developed very well search engines that could easily build a relationship with a consumer, understand their needs, and deliver them want they want, maybe a product, meaning, study material, or anything else, these all have been brought up in the mobile-first era.

But as humans, we don’t have to settle for less and that’s why we are shifting to a new age of assistance where when every need from knowing something to going somewhere would be fulfilled by our own devices in which they can put the software.
Yes, you might have jumped to the right example of Siri in iPhone and google assistant in android the research showed that more than 1 billion devices with residing google assistant soon and Amazon has sold over 100 million Alexa devices. We the super lazy human need a super active assistant and that would be fulfilled by this.

The search era had still a communication gap between the marketer and the consumer as they have delivered new exceptional ideas every single day to the customer, they need to understand human psychology. So we need to fill this gap between them by understanding the audience and developing the skills we will need to thrive.

The direct relation between psychology and SEO
A good SEO always built the trust of the user, has to be authentic, needs to be consistent, socially active, and should have a good framework and designing all these things could be easily achieved through understanding human psychology. Now for understanding it much better let us take some examples, building trust is very important to drive that customer again to you for that you should include reviews, number of subscribers, third – party certifications, as the person will check and it would build their trust. If we connect the aspect of SEO to psychology so things will become much easier and convenient.

Uses of psychology in SEO
Some particular areas could be accelerated by the relationship between human psychology and technology :

  1. Customer insights:- AI can lead to new insights and brands audience as it could reveal the relationship between variables by understanding the audience psychology in a better way, by using this information you can also deliver better content to your customers.
  2. Uncovering intent:- just understanding about the need of your audience is not enough now, by the time you need to understand that why they do it for example, what job they want to complete ? or why does my audience use a specific search query? After knowing the answer to these questions you would know about their intent state.
  3. Incentives:- incentives are chosen by us, to take any action because they benefit us in some way, every brand should incorporate their knowledge into their site SEO strategy. If we know that what had lead people to link to the content, we can then create content that is much more effective. Sharing of content on social media differs from that of linking psychology.
  4. Visual content:- humans are mostly affected by the visual representation of things, research shows that 90% of information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual and we could identify images that we see for as little as 12 milliseconds. So visual content has a major impact on the audience and it is overlooked by SEO pros, but it’s a great opportunity to reach an audience.
  5. Social proof:- when we purchase something the first thing we use to do is to check customer reviews because that’s the only way to trust the product and that’s why feedback plays an important role because it provides a useful shortcut so that we need not try everything out by ourselves. SEO professionals should therefore maximize the potential of social proofs by giving special column like reviews.
  6. Professional development:- building the skills that will allow effective use of technology and communication skills could result in a good marketing team by understanding the relationship between marketing and technology, SEO professionals could elevate their career.
  7. Mindset for change:- it is clear that one can not do marketing until and less one is unable to change the negative mindset of a person, so a marketer should have the ability to thrive on change. Which aims to develop the right mindset and isolate the factors that would matter in setting SEO apart from their peers.

We are the ones who created these technologies and we differ from them in many ways like creativity, empathy and strategic perspective and the new evolution of technology needs the combination of them both. We could humanize our search strategies and develop a good deep understanding of what persuades our audience. The marketers who would be starting painting this new landscape to their board will definitely see a drastic improvement in their market.

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