NASA intern expresses her love towards the culture

NASA Intern Pratima Roy
NASA Intern Pratima Roy

A NASA intern, Pratima Roy expresses her love towards the culture she is an Indian American who suffered toxic Hinduphobia after the national aeronautics and space administration in the united states of America had shared her photograph with her god on social media. Pratima Roy is a computer engineer graduate and data analyst intern at NASA.

Pratima Roy shared a post on Linkedin where she had stood by her faith unapologetically and thanked people for their support after the post she received kindness from people and so much support from people across the world.

Post by NASA intern Pratima Roy

She had written in her Linkedin post that she is an American-born Bengali who practices Hinduism and she always strives to preserve her culture and background. She also said that the love for her culture is evident in the photo which was shared by the NASA blog in march which sparked a lot of conversation about her faith after NASA published it.

She also said she respects everyone’s background whether it’s race, ethnicity, gender, or religious faith, and she encourages people to celebrate their beautiful differences as well. In last she wrote that she had hot a lot of positive support from people across the world and she is also grateful for her experience interning at NASA.

The photograph which was shared by NASA showed the sculpture of Hindu goddesses on her table and the wall which was plastered with photographs of Hindu gods and goddesses.

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