Epic Things To Do In North Sikkim In Winter

North Sikkim in winter
North Sikkim in winter

Are you planning a trip to North Sikkim in winter? Sikkim, a small state in Northeast India, is a beautiful place to visit at any time of the year. Whether you visit in the spring, fall, or summer, the options for activities are endless. Of course, Sikkim in winter is also perfect for visiting.

As a Mountain fan, I love exploring the country at any time, but I have to admit that I am not a winter sports fan as it’s done in North Sikkim that many don’t know about it.

Actually, I have never skied in my life. I recently went on my first ski trip. Of course, it was in Lachung – in 2019 December to be more precise as we own Hillrooms in Lachung. What should I say? The scenery was amazing, everything was organized perfectly and professionally by local itself. North Sikkim in winter was just stunning!

So, spending time in winter is perfect for any traveler who desired to see snow in their life on top of the mountain as well. 

So, this post should help you find out about things to do in North Sikkim In Winter, but you will also find many travel tips for your Sikkim winter trip. 

Lachung: is a great place to stay for snow lovers in winter place will all be covered by snow – it is one of the best winter destinations, and you can reach places like Yumthang Valley easily is known as a valley of flowers. The HillRoom hotel is supposed to be amazing in North Sikkim, so if you are looking for a fancy place, this is probably the best pick. 

Gurudongmar: Gurudongmar is an amazing place to travel to in Sikkim in the winter. It is located a bit far in North Sikkim where you’ll find a holy lake with pure blue water and getting there is not as easy since it’s high altitude area with low oxygen support. 

Zuluk: During winters, Zuluk gets draped in fluffy white snow blankets and the scenery becomes even more beautiful. Though the rainfall makes the terrain tricky and slopes hard to explore, the entire scenery surpasses the limits of beauty. So, all in all, sightseeing in Zuluk can be enjoyed at any time of the year depending on your travel interests. We recommend visiting the place during summers and early winters if you have kids and elderly people in your traveling group. The weather can get changed after a few rain showers. 

Kala Patthar – It’s all black and white – black mountains and white snow. The place is very extremely cold but it will make your trip memorable.

To reach here you have to start from Lachen to reach this place in time. But you have to give an additional charge to the driver for this trip. When you reach Thangu from Lachen, it will take 1 hour from Thangu to reach Kala Patthar.

Katao – It’s known as Mini Switzerland of India, It’s Military Base in North Sikkim but clapped with snow all over, you will feel like you are in Switzerland. The view that you see in Katao is something that you should try to capture as much as possible through your eyes or else your camera. 

Lachen– Heard about Lachen’s Apple, one of the best in India, this is where it comes from. It’s is one of the best villages in North Sikkim which has an attractive tourist spot Lachung monastery which held a grand festival. Lachen is a less-populated beautiful holiday destination with snow-capped mountains which is known as the gateway to the most amazing Gurudongmar and Tso Lhamu lakes. 

Yumthang Valley – Known as a valley of flowers located in North Sikkim which takes two hours drive from Lachung. The Place is a very mesmerizing valley with beautiful views and absolute serenity. You will find lots of seasonal blossoms flowers like Primulas all around the valleys and also the different species of Rhododendrons and Magnolias all around the valley. 

Nightlife in North Sikkim: It’s is a great place to Bonfire, chill, drink, listen to some good music and refreshment & cold air, and have good food at reasonable prices.

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