The Traveller’s Diary: Papikondalu


Location of Papikondalu:

It is located in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, Papikondalu is a beautiful mountain range in South India that travels along the West Godavari. The views here, full of happiness, work to relax the whole mind including the eyes. As you move closer to these hills, the mighty Godavari river seems to be narrowing. The size of the Godavari river seems to be the demand of a woman’s head.


Papikondalu is made up of two words Papidi and Kondalu. Papidi is a Telugu word that means the middle part of a woman’s hair i.e. demand. The name of this place is derived from the name of the local Telugu, Papikondalu. Hence, the narrowing of the river, along with the Papi Hills, its bends serve to produce attractive scenic views. The beauty of this place is often compared with that of Kashmir. Let us know how special this mountain destination is for you in terms of tourism.

Papikondalu as a tourist destination:

Parantala Palli Nestled in the lap of Papikondalu, Parantala Palli is a beautiful fishermen’s village, known for its ancient Shiva temple. Amidst natural beauty, this village is located on the road from Kunavaram to Rajahmundry, which comes under the Velerupadu Division of Khammam District. Due to the presence of an ancient Shiva temple here, the cultural importance of this village has increased a lot. According to the experts, this temple was built by Balanand Swami. Residents tell that in the early times of the establishment of the temple, with no priest here all the religious rituals were performed by the devotees only. Also, apart from the Shiva temple, there is also a temple of Shri Krishna (Munivatam) constructed in 1927.

Moreover, the hills of Papikondalu are also very famous for their wildlife. Papikonda Wildlife Sanctuary located near Kakinada here is counted among the main attractions here. Spread over an area of ​​about 591 sq km, this sanctuary encompasses West Godavari, East Godavari and Khammam districts. This forest area of ​​Eastern Ghats is known for many wild animals as well as rare bird species. In the wild, one can easily see tigers, gaurs, leopards, four-horned antelopes, hyenas, jackals, bears and deer. Apart from this, rare species of migratory birds can also be seen here between May and October. Apart from this, you can also see crocodiles in the Godavari river.

Plan Your Visit:

Above all, apart from the wildlife sanctuary, you can plan a visit to the Pattisam pilgrimage here. Pattisam is a beautiful island on the Godavari River which is known for the temple dedicated to Lord Veerabhadra. Veerabhadra was an outcast of Lord Shiva who beheaded Daksha Prajapati at the behest of Lord Shiva, who was hurt when Sati’s self-respect was hurt. Hundreds of pilgrims travel here annually to visit this magnificent temple on the island. The site is located 35 km from Rajahmundry and 30 km from Papikondalu. One has to take the help of a boat to visit the temple.

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