Do you know that you can achieve your desires by your positive thinking? Seems impossible? Well, it is 100% true. 

    Have you guys heard of the technique Manifestation? If no then voila! this article is for you guys only and if yes then also there is no problem in gaining extra knowledge.


    Turning your desires into a full reality can be called manifestation. In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality. In simpler terms manifestation is the conscious creation of the circumstances and outcomes that make for a fulfilling life.


    Manifestation is related to Law of attraction but it does not mean that the law of attraction and manifestation are kind of the same because they are not. There is an explicit difference between the two.

    The Law of attraction:

    It means that you are attracting something in your life because you are focused on getting that thing. It means you will attract the things you focus on. In short like attracts like.

    Unlike the law of attraction, manifestation means harnessing the power of your thoughts, desires, feelings knowingly or purposely in reality.

    Now let’s take an example:

    “The other day, I really wanted this dress, but it was $115, so I said to myself in my head, ‘I got $115. That’s great! I have the dress,’” Simoni said. “The same day, I went over to my dad’s house, and he asked me if I wanted a gift card for $120. I wasn’t expecting this because my parents usually never give me money.”


    You can manifest anything, be it a job, money, your partner, love, anything you desire. But here is the things that do not doubt our thoughts while manifesting them. If you believe in it then only you can achieve it. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive surroundings.

    One more thing is don’t just write things, sit down and wait that your desires will come to you by doing nothing. Do your work, take action, act on achieving your goal.

    This is the main misconception among people that their desires manifest themselves without doing anything. Don’t think this.


    There are many ways or you can say more than one technique to manifest desires. But the common thing in all the techniques is to write everything in the present tense.

    55 x 5 manifestation technique:

    In this method, all you have to do is to first pick your affirmation that sums up your desire in short and then write down your affirmation on paper 55 times for 5 days regularly. This is because writing it that much time helps to reinforce the importance of your goal in your mind so that it remains on the top of your list. 

    333 & 777 & 369 manifestation technique:

    In the 333 manifestation method you have to do the same thing just like the 55 x 5 method but this time you have to write your affirmation 33 times for 3 days. 

    Further, in the 777 manifestation method, you have to write your affirmation 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening for 7 consecutive days.

    In the 369 methods, all you have to do is write your affirmation 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times at night.

    Pillow method: 

    As you can understand by its name, in the Pillow method all you have to do is to write your affirmation on a piece of paper and put it under your pillow at night. The reason is that few minutes before you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning, these are the two times your mind is the most receptive which helps you to achieve your goal.

    Scripting method:

    This is a powerful method to manifest, in this method you have to write your goals in a very specific and detailed way in your journal or any piece of paper but all in the present tense, in a way that you have already manifested your goals.



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