Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Understanding Artificial Intelligence
Understanding Understanding Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketingin Digital Marketing

In the 21st Century, technology is getting advanced day by day which means the percentage of artificial intelligence is getting increased day by day. AI helps the business operations and practices to grow more efficiently in a sustained manner. There are around 47% of digitally mature organizations that have their AI advanced practices and have a well defines AI strategy. In the business market, 84% of business executives claim that with the help of AI they can sustain the competition in the market. Artificial Intelligence transforms and grows the industries starting from finance to tech and retailers, AI is a game-changer in the business. It is changing the concept to do business in a market and grow the business in less time but in an efficient manner. Digital Marketing helps the way so that brands can reach the audience.

Nowadays the technology is growing tremendously as now computers, laptops, and chrome books are manufactured in such a way that they include face and voice recognition, and decision making but before these functions came human intelligence was used to have these specializations. Now AI has helped a lot to have these features easily and these features work perfectly as it is a kind of machinery that we are using. In the starting or the mid of 2019 there were some predictions have been made that by the end of 2019 around 40% of digital transformation services will use AI and by 2025 the AI industry will grow to $190 billion.

How AI is changing Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence is transforming customer problem-facing services for digital marketers by increasing efficiency and optimizing user experience. An example of AI is the use of chatbots to provide customer services to users.

The chatbots are the column where we can chat about the products or about the services that are being offered by the company or if the user is facing any problem regarding the same. Users do chat with and there is an automated message that comes as a solution and some of the companies or brand gives customers an option whether they want to do a live chat with an agent or customer service representative. Most of the foreigners, 64% of Americans believe that chatbots are perfect for them and they require these types of services every day and for 24 hours because when they fall asleep, it’s the chatbots that work for them.

AI in digital marketing is the use of personalization of content as when users seek a website the AI keeps a record of that and with the help of AI machines can track how much time a user is spending on which site and what is his/her preference and it starts sending the updates regarding that topic through notification banners, advertisement. This process will help segment your audience and can drive the customized sales.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

  • Real Time Tracking

There is a fact that every company has to face some amount as a customer churn rate and for acquiring new customers it costs higher than the existing or retained ones. By keeping this in mind the firms have learned the techniques and started tracking the data systematically and analyze the digital behavior and communication of their target groups.   

  • Improved security

The latest trend of catching up fast across industries is machine-to-machine interaction. This transformation is sure to have an impact even on the realm of marketing. Although artificial intelligence is employed too basic of digital marketing tasks already for example planning and conceiving of campaigns. This is based on the insights that are been extracted from the extensive data that are collected from previous campaigns.

The accuracy level of measuring the performance of the campaigns have also increased swiftly using the aid of AI tools, with effectively minimizing the guesswork that had been traditionally associated with marketing campaigns also machine learning takes precedence with conventional analysis, the ever-improving AI algorithms that are helping in making data-driven predictions which are much more precise than ever.

  • Advanced automation

One of the primary requirements in digitalization is to channelize the power to offer quick and efficient customer service. The exemplars that leading technology develops like text, chat, messaging apps can help the organization in meeting the challenge for the delivering of futuristic and professional service to their customers also while keeping the tap on the infrastructural expenditure.

For example, the text analysis tool used by the AI is capable of tracking analyzing, and responding to content generated but it can also perform those actions in real-time.

Tools that can be used:

  • Google Cloud AI :If someone wants to create his/her own chatbot or talented network then we can use Google Cloud AI. We can use a pre trained model or design in our own way on this cloud-based platform and we can easily get access to everything.
  • Market Brew: This is one of the best tools in SEO as it helps the SEO professionals to understand the changing concept of landscape of search engines. If you want to change anything in search engine then that change will be implemented after 60 days, but with the help of Market Brew’s you can make a change within 1.5-2 hours of time.
  • Conclusion:

If you are a beginner and you have started exploring the options with the use of artificial intelligence and also you don’t want to employ a full team of web developers so that they can change your website drastically then you can be opting for an AI-powered tool so that you can get the job done.

If we see according to Marketing profs, then businesses that are implying AI have been seeing 59% better close rates, 58% increased revenue, 54% more traffic and engagement also 52% more conversions. It’s time now to standardize your business with AI practice now!

 You can also choose many different tools so that you can target different areas within your market strategy. You can also opt for an AI tool that will help you to boost your advertising capabilities if you are having a small business but if you are having a large company then you can look up an edge over your competitors, by using an SEO based AI tool which would help you outrank them on SERPs.

So it doesn’t matter that you are marketing for a startup or large corporation, you can couple of AI tools for digital marketing.

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