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We Indians are famous for the word ‘Deshbhakti’. A new curriculum named ‘Deshbhakti Curriculum’ is to be added in Delhi schools academics. Yes, you heard it correct. 

Last year, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced to introduce this whole new curriculum in all schools from the upcoming academic year. However, couldn’t introduce amid the Covid-19 lockdown. The Deshbhakti Curriculum will provide students with basic constitutional values within the students.


Our youth is our future. In today’s world, western culture influences our youth, they are leaving their roots behind. To adopt western culture is not wrong at all but leaving our own culture, our values are not appreciable. Hopefully, this curriculum inculcates patriotism in students. 

The word Patriotism does not only mean singing patriotic songs, performing dance on a patriotic theme. It means to respect our country, value our culture. It will be achieved with this curriculum. 

The major aim of the Deshbhakti curriculum is to teach students their responsibility towards their nation. To further facilitate them towards nation-building.

“The curriculum is in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. The major focus is to make students responsible citizens who contribute to nation-building and have pride in their country. The curriculum aims to ensure that the students are aware of their responsibilities towards the country and develop an appreciation for constitutional values, fundamental rights and imbibe the responsibility of being an Indian and are ready to sacrifice for the country,” the official added 



Quality education means providing the students with the best education. Teaching them the aspects of education to make them global students. But the students are more interested in serving the other country than their own. 

Today, students are more into serving the developed countries which becomes their new agenda. Leaving your country behind is never the objective of public education. Having this new curriculum might solve the ‘brain drain’ problem. 

Many nations, such as South Korea and the United Kingdom, have been able to retain students in the country by having such a curriculum or mandatory military tenure for students. Singapore has a policy of waiving off tuition fees of meritorious Indian students if they work there for twice the duration of their course.


Delhi government’s step is appreciable. However, this should have been introduced much before. Our kids need to learn more about our culture, about all the sacrifices of our brave soldiers and leaders. Children are more likely to adopt things at a tender age. So, the feeling of patriotism is within from the very beginning. Conclusively, ‘Better late than never’ 

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Sakshi Saklani
Sakshi Saklani
Sakshi Saklani is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication from Management education and Research Institute ( MERI) affiliated with Indraprastha University( I.P. University). Her areas of Interest are Content Writing and doing voiceovers and social media management. She loves to read, write and explore things.

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