JNU B.Tech students will pay the same dormitory fees

Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU )
Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU

According to a notice issued by the university, JNU engineering students will pay the same hostel fees as other students. This is a temporary arrangement until engineering students get their hostel building constructed.

According to the notice issued by the university, Jawaharlal Nehru University engineering students will pay the same dormitory fees as other students. The notice stated that this is a temporary solution until engineering students have their residences. The Student Union has already made this request. Saket Moon, Vice Chairman JNU Student Union (JNUSU), said the notice was issued on April 1, but not made public.

“We didn’t receive the notice until we went to the student dean’s office to organize a protest on this issue on Wednesday. We protested this issue on April 1”. In March a meeting on the dormitory issue held. The executive committee approved the minutes of the meeting on March 26, the notice said.

Following temporary arrangements can start from the 2021 monsoon semester. Until the construction of a separate dormitory for the students of Engineering. The Damodar dormitory assigned to the first and second-year students of Engineering. Third-year students from the College of Engineering may be transferred to other dormitories. Normal hostel fees as prescribed for other students may be charged from the students of the School of Engineering.

Aishe Ghosh, the President of JNUSU, stated they will continue to ensure that the fee structure for all students is fair. After a long struggle, the dormitory fees of JNU engineering students finally caught up with the rest of JNU. In addition, senior engineering students will live on the main campus.

The president of the university stated in a Facebook publication: “Although the government stated that this will be before the construction of special shelters for engineering students, JNUSU will continue to fight and ensure that JNU’s fee structure is fair and affordable for everyone”.

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