Maximum Area Of Afghanistan Taken Over By Taliban.

  • The crisis occurred in Afghanistan.
  • More than 85% of Afghanistan is occupied by the Taliban.
  • On 15th August the Air India flew from Kabul carrying the Indian citizens.

Sikkim, India — August 17, 2021 ON 15TH August 2021 Air India flew from Kabul carrying 129 Indian citizens stuck in Kabul. One of the returnees, Abhishek said, ‘The locals are scared about their future. When we were coming back to India they said to us “you are going. Where we will go? This is our motherland”‘. Abhishek went from Delhi to Kabul with four more colleagues as part of his work in a solar panel company. There were a total of 20 passengers in the flight a week ago. However, when he returned on Sunday the flight was full. The citizen of Afghanistan were all around the airport and runway. So as to board on any flight and leave the country as soon as possible. As the per today’s report 85% of the country is occupied by the Taliban.

On 16th August 2021 the American aircraft was going to take off from the airport of Kabul. The Afghani present on the runway started running with the plan to climb over it and can leave the country. As the plane flew and reached some height 2 Afghani nationals fell, died on the spot.

Afganistan is going through the worst time anyone could ever imagine. If not brought under control the situation will become worst than the situation of Israel.

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