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We live in a globalised world, speaking foreign languages would always be beneficial for mankind. Also learning new things or language(s) would never be waste. 

In this modernizing era, we should not limit ourselves to only one common language. The Internet has paved the way to connect with people from throughout the world. Learning a foreign language helps to improve our social skills as well as to build a new relationships with people of different cultures and heritage.

Talking about the foreign languages and schools, these two have not gone hand in hand. In India many public schools teach an extra language to its students but not as the main subject.

Should a foreign language be made the main subject in schools? 

No doubt, nowadays schools have foreign language in their syllabus. However, it starts from certain classes and is not a compulsory one. It is high time now that schools should understand the fact that foreign language is must for children in the coming days. 

The competition is exceeding day by day. Hence made it important for the youth to acquire knowledge of global languages. Global language not only enhances one’s social horizon but also gives the brain a boost.  

This foreign language opens up a path to employment opportunities. Further enables each person to stand out from the competition also make them understand the diverse culture.

Thus, the schools should step up by making foreign language compulsory in their curriculum and make students understand other’s perspectives about their own culture and traditions which will broaden their intuitive skills.

From which classes it should start?

Primary Schooling is the basic and the most important level from where all the learning starts. This is the stage from where we learn to write and read. So the appropriate level for learning a new foreign language will be from the very beginning. For understanding a new thing we try to know it from the starting so the same goes for the language. If we are learning a whole new language we should start it from the beginning.

As it is said ‘the younger the better’. This stage plays a crucial role in building and shaping a kid’s future. So teaching a new language from the primary level will consider a one step towards success in building one’s future.


Sakshi Saklani
Sakshi Saklani
Sakshi Saklani is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Journalism and Mass Communication from Management education and Research Institute ( MERI) affiliated with Indraprastha University( I.P. University). Her areas of Interest are Content Writing and doing voiceovers and social media management. She loves to read, write and explore things.

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