Inkclick: Revolutionizing the landscape of the Indian Education System



    With the advent of the digital revolution, nearly each element of our life has been impacted. More than 3.5 billion people have internet access. Further more than 5 billion people anticipated to own a mobile device, half of which are smartphones. This amount of connectivity has changed how individuals interact with one another, get news, and view the world.

    It’s no surprise, however, that these digital transformation trends have had a significant impact on the education sector. The digital transition has had an impact on classrooms. Also, how teachers communicate with their students, from elementary school teachers to those in higher education. The COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down schools in innumerable locations around the world, has expedited these changes. 

    Modern students’ needs are evolving as a result of their extensive usage of digital sources. They are always on the lookout for new ways to learn outside of the standard classroom setting. To address the dilemma, schools and institutions are looking for ways to establish alternate teaching models. Today’s students engross in a virtual world via the internet and cellphones, consuming a vast amount of information. It leaves schools and universities with little choice but to adapt. 

    Gone are the days when education was only available to a select few. Students from all walks of life can now compete on an equal footing thanks to technological advancements. The educational ecosystem is driven by constant technological innovation. As well as the growing popularity of social media and the Internet of Things (IoT).

    Rise of Inkclick:

    To help students keep learning and excel in their lives, two young and powerful ed-tech enthusiasts Ankit Sanan and Parul Uppal founded Inkclick. India’s first digital social learning platform, helping students network with their peers and industry professionals for free and learn from global teachers at low rates and so that they can fight against today’s competitive world and make a place for themselves. The platform is exclusively meant for students from 6 years and above and is designed to enhance the students’ knowledge to help them carve a path in their professional journey. Like any other e-commerce platform, the framework gives the teachers complete autonomy to sell their courses and live classes to students at a nominal price. With complete freedom they may choose to consume what they like and from whom they like. Additionally, the platform promotes vocational education at a national level via digital means.

    Revolutionizing Education System:

    Their very idea behind laying the foundation of Inkclick was to transform or revolutionize the Indian education system. Uppal and Sanan hold the view that the Indian education system follows the same old method, and now needs change. With Inkclick, they want to take education to the next level. Further see kids learn at any time, anyplace, at affordable prices by the best educators and mentors across the country. Through the creation of this innovative online learning and networking platform, Inkclick, they are both continuously innovating and improving the way people view our educational system. It includes the best talent and know-how.

    They both have recognized that removing technology or devices out of our children’s hands is a pipe dream, as they have become such an important part of our life. We adopt the approach of giving them something meaningful to do with it if we can’t take them away. Today’s children grow up with electronics in their hands, much like toys. One of the most important aspects of our existence is technology. Today, technology assist people in their daily tasks and also enable them to make a difference in the world. So, why not embrace this revolution and make the most out of it. Inkclick allows students to learn through the thing they love the most in today’s time; the Internet and being on their smartphones.  

    Features of Inkclick:


    One biggest feature that sets Inkclick apart from other ed-tech platforms is that it not only focuses on the academic excellence of the students but also focuses on their holistic development. Along with upskilling the talent of our youth making them job-ready and preparing them to make their mark in this competitive world. The overall personality development of students holds utmost importance. Since it eventually contributes to the progress of society and the nation.

    Inkclick platform is aims to focusing on curating a holistic growth ecosystem for Students. The platform aims at providing a completely fresh outlook for the holistic development of students. While enhancing their talents in the age of digitalization. Inkclick is trying to revolutionize the education system where we pay equal importance to mental wellbeing and holistic development. Thus, helping students build a healthy mindset so that they can take up any life challenges in their journey.


    Another feature that helps Inkclick stand above its competition and the crowd is that it is the social networking proposition where not only students but parents, teachers and institutions can come together for knowledge sharing purposes. Inkclick is bringing them all under one umbrella to address the issues at one forum and make it easier to communicate and arrive at a feasible solution quickly. On the one hand, Educators/ Teachers/ Mentors can join Inkclick to teach and share their knowledge with students and on the other hand, parents can join Inkclick to understand how they can help their kids to excel in life while knowing their issues. Overall, Inkclick enables parents, teachers, and students to come on one platform and use it to their advantage. The students will use the platform to learn and network.


    With Inkclick, Parul Uppal and Ankit Sanan plan to expand the offering of the platform to tier 2 and 3 cities, as well as beyond, in order to reach every corner of the country which will allow the users of the platform to learn even if they are in the most remote parts of the country, whether online or offline. With the understanding that cost should not be an impediment to study, paid content on the platform will start at Rs. 89/-.

    To further strengthen the roots of Inkclick and upskill the youth of the country, the platform has collaborated with Delhi Government’s Skill Development Center, aiming to offer skilling courses through a digital platform. Inkclick collaborated with Delhi Government’s initiative with Rotary Club of Delhi Southend – The Skill Development Centre to promote the idea of inculcating skilling for overall upscaling the talent of kids. Through this partnership, Inkclick became the first-ever Ed-Tech to promote vocational education at a national level via digital means. This will further generate employment opportunities for the masses. 

    With an aim to engage with over 100000+ students through the support of over 10000+ mentors, Inkclick will provide a virtual classroom environment for teachers, parents & students. Parents will be able to monitor their children’s progress & educational growth alongside direct communication with the mentors. 

    Final Thoughts:

    For both students and teachers, the ideal combination of online learning and social networking, Inkclick, as a platform, is committed to providing the best service possible from the start of its mission to improve the nation’s future and transform the landscape of the Indian education system.

    In the coming future, for kids, parents, and mentors, Inkclick will offer a global community and marketplace where they may interact and learn. To do so, they intend to grow their user base to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa. To overcome the language barrier, the platform will be expanded to include Hindi and Arabic in their upcoming phase.

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