The silent killer corona has changed everything. Fundamentally what we do and what we don’t in life. It has modified the normal course of human activity and behaviors. We are facing a crisis that we have never faced before such scale and rampage. Thus, it’s a testing time for everyone to contemplate and review rather than hearsay. Remember always that ‘whatever goes around, will come around’. I think the pandemic was caused because humans made superfluous and redundant activities. These directly affected the fragile environment of nature where all living sentient beings coexist together. 

However, on the other hand, this ongoing pandemic is rapidly sprouting into a global political and economic crisis. It has broken down all activities including political and economic mobilization; borders sealed caused panic and it’s not less than a war in itself. 


Corona is an appalling unprecedented pandemic; hence, we are today in life and death situations. This consequence is the biggest human crisis ever happened.

Though the past shows that there have been several unnerved pandemics that happened in the human realm and affect human lives. These including plague, smallpox, cholera, dengue, HIV&AIDS, SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome, tuberculosis, influenza, and West Nile disease (WHO,2011b). In principle, such infectious disease are not alleviated unless the vaccine is developed. 

Without a vaccine, the COVID 19 will not work as an incurable and entrenched phenomenon. However, people might be fine after testing positive based on his /her immune system. Age bar and even ethnic background, some factorial reasons given by health experts. However, in the case of the corona virus, it’s not a new phenomenon. It surfaced at different interval periods since the first case corona virus was notified as cold in the 1960s (229E) 1967(OC43). But never considered it as a fatal disease followed by 3003(SARS-CoV-1) 2004(NL63) 2005(HKUI) 2012(MERS-CoV) and 2019(SARS-CoV2) from many developed countries including the USA. For the first time WHO declared ‘state emergency’ when the cases flared up excessively.

This COVID 19 is a new and the most dangerous pandemic comparing to the other epidemics. It still has scientists and medical professionals all across the world working dedicatedly on a vaccine. But not being able to come with some tangible solutions. A million lives across the globe put to rest and the other lives still at stake. Sorrow and suffering are enormous as psychological stigma and anxiety; resources exhausted, all government and non-government establishments are almost dysfunctional and overall everything brought to a halt.


The virus transmitted from human to human via droplets coughed or exhaled by infected persons. Then by touching droplet contaminated surfaces or objects, and then moving the eyes, nose, or mouth (ECDP 2020). The most common symptoms reportedly found are fever, dry cough, dyspnea, sore throat, headache, and myalgia or arthralgia even diarrhea and vomiting. 

However, various conspiracy theories and political rumors flouting in media everywhere. It’s still unknown that how it developed and spread. Except primarily it was first identified in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, China in December 2019. The outbreak began to spread out all across the world fast and furious. US president Trump calling Corona as the ‘Chinese virus’ is nothing but the political war to put everything on China. Since America is the most affected country in the world both in fatality and infected cases of the virus.

Infected cases and fatalities numbers from the affected countries as per official records such as WHO, CDE, ECDP websites are mindboggling. But remember the real numbers are much higher than the official numbers. Hence the present corona cases of infected and death number is contentious in almost all the countries because of different reason. 

On the 30th of January 2020, WHO officially declared COVID 19 as an epidemic of public health emergency of international concern (WHO2020). Expert sources put on India the most susceptible to Corona. It may become like the USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, if the guidelines in place are not followed strictly. Considering India’s dilapidated medical infrastructure and unorganized sectors, and importantly the 1.38 crore dense populations are impracticable. 


COVID 19 has brought immense hardship to everyone irrespective of poor and rich. As poor struggling with their livelihood who survive on a day to day earnings. While rich are facing off economic hardship due to lockdown. Though the world economy is crushed at low, Internal and external politics is flared up, security is threatened, lost millions of jobs globally. Also, the health care system is creeping especially in the less developed and most populated countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and African countries. As a result, these countries are struggling to cope with the fast increasing cases of corona outbreak.

 In the case of India’s poor health infrastructures and resources such as doctors, healthcare workers, gear, medicines, ventilations status are bizarre in government hospitals. On the other hand, private hospital rates are skyrocketing. The mental health aspect deteriorated the scale of media hysteria is gone out of political and religious fanaticism that worsen the situation for 1.30 Billion. Indians show the biasness of Indian media, which are politically corrupt, morally bankrupt, and ethno-religiously prejudiced. The departure of Indian informal workers unexpectedly left them jobless in a day. They abruptly started moving to their homes from cities on foot in harsh hot weather with their children and belongings. This was disheartening and many who lost their livelihood and lives due to starvation in this pandemic crisis. 


Lockdown means complete shutdown and restrictions of movement. With hard rules in places like an emergency measure to ease the pandemic. So as a preventive measure, people were informed to go through various protective appliances. Following safety measures both within and outside the vicinity such as face masks, hand gloves, washing hands often, social distancing etc. 

Domestic abuse is on the rise, a lot of discontentment among the people. More importantly it’s catastrophe for the tourism sector as hotels, pubs, café businesses all shut down. Opening lockdown partially or fully at this stage particularly country like India would be an absolute blunder when cases are flaring up faster. 

However, on the other side, the level of frustration is high, great agony for people at home, they want to go back to work and send children to school. However, instead of all these crisis experts, views say that prolonged lockdown helps India.

The government guidelines measure is to implement social distancing as social restrictions to curb down the COVID 19 menaces. Using various processes such as wearing face mask or face covering made essential in public spaces to hoard from the infectious and severity of the virus. But still people vaguely breaching social distancing rules. Moreover, social distancing almost looks impossible in India, considering the demographic contour and different ethnic backgrounds.

The other problem of wearing protector gear in monsoon bond areas. This makes the situation worse especially hotspot cities like Mumbai, Assam, Delhi, Ahmadabad and many other places. They may turn into New York and London because it’s highly potential looking at the present pathetic situation as what experts say so.


The government held accountable for these difficult circumstances and unprecedented time that prevailing since February 2020. For their casual attitude for not coping with this pandemic virus at the initial stage of spreading in December 2019 was a horrendous mistake or an error of judgment on the part of the government and concerned agencies. Those countries quick in their action done it in time like China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Hong-Kong, Singapore New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia, and many others but rest of the world done nothing and their callous attitude cost many lives and put the entire human life at risk.

 The apparent government complacency shows that the government has no preparedness for this global pandemic no detailed action plan like necessary restrictions in place and easing strategy etc. right from the pre and post-pandemic crisis nobody knows except people holding nerves and held head high as one’s self-defence in such worst-case scenario as said rightly ‘Mind is the maker of one’s destiny’. 

With no coordination, no collective views, how will one fight against the pandemic which is a global problem and needs global solutions. This now is a big challenge for the government at the center where India’s cases of corona running like a bullet train. Hence, social distancing will continue to remain for long until the virus is not eliminated. Whereas lockdown may ease slowly while keeping in mind the economy which is the lifeline.



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