A Fire Broke Out in the Gulf of Mexico

Last day, a fire broke out in the southern waters of the Gulf of Mexico as an underwater pipeline leaked and set the ocean on fire.

Generally, water and fire are considered completely different from each other. But anything can happen in this world and that is why sometimes these two also get along. Panic spread in the Gulf of Mexico, the Latin American country, when people saw huge flames rising in the bottomless waters of the sea. 

These flames of the fire looked like a burning eye and looked quite frightening. The flames rising amidst the waves of water were showing a small sight of the holocaust. A fire broke out in the middle of the ocean west of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex said, the fire in the sea has been extinguished.

The company has attributed the fire to a gas leak from an underwater pipeline. The company said that the fire started at 5.15 AM local time on Friday and was brought under control by 10.30 AM. With the waves of the sea on one side and huge flames of fire blazing over it, everyone who was watching that sight was in awe. Seeing this fierce fire, it was looking as if molten lava was coming out from inside the sea. That’s why people are also giving it the name ‘Eye of Fire’. 

This project is of Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex, which is most important to it. Meanwhile, after working hard for about 5 hours, this terrible fire had been brought under control. Even before this, there have been horrific industrial accidents in many projects of Pemex. The company has said that no one was injured in the latest incident. Nitrogen was used to douse the fire. The oil leak incident happened just 150 meters from the drilling platform. The “Ku Malub Jaap” oil project is the largest producer of Pemex Company. Every day 7 lakh barrels of oil are extracted from here. This is about 40 percent of the total oil production of Pemex Company.

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