Delhi Government Starts Tree Planting Activities at Jamia Hamdard University

Jamia Hamrad
Jamia Hamrad


Increased pollution has always been a major issue in the capital (Delhi). According to a WHO survey of 1,650 cities in the world, the air quality in Delhi is the worst of all the major cities in the world, this also affects the area around Delhi. Air pollution in India is estimated to cause around 2 million deaths every year; it is the fifth leading cause of death in India. According to the World Health Organization, India has the highest mortality rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma in the world. In Delhi, poor quality air irreversibly damaged the lungs of 2.2 million or 50% of all children.

Tree Plantation drive:

On Tuesday, Imran Hussein, the Minister of Food and Civil Supplies of Delhi, started a tree planting activity at Jamia Hamdard University to plant Amaltas saplings. The minister said in a statement that the Delhi government “has launched a war against air pollution throughout the year”.

The Delhi government has taken a number of measures to curb air pollution in the city, such as implementing tree transplant policies, dust pollution prevention campaigns, electric vehicle policies, red light, Gedi Pass campaign, etc. It is also the first government to propose a solution to burn waste with the help of bio-decomposers. 

Above all, the leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) praised the efforts of Rotary Club volunteers and university staff, emphasizing the need to maintain the saplings after planting.

In conclusion, he also called on students and volunteers to carry out similar activities in different locations in the capital to “create a green, healthy and pollution-free environment for the citizens of Delhi.”

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