Raj Kundra Arrested in Adult Films Racket

Raj Kundra Arrested by Police
Raj Kundra Arrested by Mumbai Police

-How it started and got to know by Mumbai police

Mumbai, the place known for small to large scale business and glamour, startups, and mainly for the Bollywood industry has now indulged in these rackets and inappropriate activities. On 4th February 2021 five to six members were arrested by Mumbai police who brings girls from other states on the fake promise of launching them in web series or Bollywood industry. When the girls agree to come with them to Mumbai they take them to the rented bungalow and force them to expose themselves on shooting day. if they deny this work they tortures them and says them if they will not do the expense of the shooting would be payable by them which is very costly, then girls forcefully have to do this because they got no options left instead of this, as said by police

-Shooting areas\spots and a group of members

The shoot of these adult films was done in daytime only in the known areas of Mumbai i.e Madh island, they rent the whole bungalow for the shooting which must cost them 1.5-2 lakhs INR for the whole day. There was a whole team behind the making of these types of films i.e Director, dialogue writer, web app developer, and shooting spots and positioner. As said by police

-Reason behind raj Kundra’s arrest in this racket

Two victims got arrested by Mumbai police. One was indulged in the production of these adult films and another was in broadcasting media who finals the OTT platforms on which these films would be uploaded.

There were many ‘HOPTAPPS’ on which these films were uploaded. All these apps got popular in the lockdown period with lakhs of subscribers and membership partners after knowing that pornography films were banned and illegal in India. After the investigation and interrogating both the suspects the Mumbai police get to know that these adults films were posted in foreign countries too. The UK production house wh uploads these films, police investigated the executive Umesh Kamat who was also the ex-assistant of raj Kundra claimed that Raj Kundra has the connection with these adult films supplies and the company keirin Pvt Ltd also reported the name of Raj Kundra in this racket. Like kenrin, the Mumbai-based company via an industry owned by Raj Kundra was highly involved in running these ‘HOTAPPS’.

The Raj Kundra name claim by probe Kamat has given a new angle in this racket. His name had cropped up earlier, said by police, but there was nothing serious against him. The keirin posts these porn clips to sidestep the anti-pornography laws of India. The clips were transferred by the WeTransfer app to the UK and then released on paid mobile apps.

For evidence and confirmation of the involvement of raj Kundra and this Mumbai police searched Raj Kundra’s office where they found agreements, papers, WhatsApp chats and pornographic clips which establishes that raj Kundra was completely involved in this adult film racket said by the joint commissioner of Mumbai police to reporters. Raj Kundra was arrested based on these pieces of evidence.

-Suspects who came in front of the camera after this

Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey came in front of the camera after this arrest and posted her video on Instagram claiming that raj Kundra had forced her too to expose herself for these pornographic films and when she refused to do this, they shared her personal mobile number with the caption-‘CALL ME NOW, I WILL STRIP FOR YOU’. And after that, she had received 1000+ calls for this and also threatening calls. She had also filed a case against him but nothing happened.

Gehna Vasisht who got arrested wrongly claimed that there was nothing inappropriate in the films. People should know the difference between adult films and erotic films. She said she was happy working with them and used to get paid by them and she deserves this.

Mika Singh, said that there was nothing on those apps, he used one of the apps which are completely fine, and the rest he is waiting for what will happen next. He claimed that raj Kundra is a nice guy but he is waiting for the next decision.

-Any other cases on Raj Kundra

Kundra had applied for anticipatory bail last month in connection with a case registered by the Maharashtra cyber police last year. That case was also of adult films content.

In June 2013 Kundra was questioned by Delhi police concerning the 2013 IPL spot-fixing case which had involved the arrest of Rajasthan royals players, further on which Delhi police gave him a clean chit to Kundra in reply of right to information.

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